Assessing a business’ brand health for alignment with their strategic objectives

Businesses that have grown and changed over time often realise that their brand strategy hasn’t kept up with their development and maturity as a business, which means a brand can actually be working against growth instead of contributing to it.


After almost two decades in business, SJA had grown and changed significantly and their existing brand no longer aligned with their elevated market position. Through consultation and collaboration with their executive team, we were able to uncover the unique spirit and strength within the company, define their points of difference and identify the need for a more authentic brand. The brand’s evolution needed to reflect their leadership in the industry and future growth aspirations, while also respecting and maintaining the existing legacy of their organisation.

SJA’s brand evolution needed to exert leadership and confidence, while also leveraging their specialised knowledge and depth of understanding to emphasise their strengths and differentiate them from their competitors. In conjunction to this, due to the high risk and complex nature of the work, the industry also commands the brand evoke a sense of strength and order to fulfil the target audience’s emotional need for control and stability.

The Sage Leader

SJA’s strengths meet their audiences needs when they position themselves as a Sage Leader in their industry. They are confident, measured and conduct projects with harmonious precision.

A Sage Leader is thorough, decisive and clear. They embody orderly confidence and consistency. They are always carefully put together and sophisticated. This is the persona and feeling that directed our thought processes and decisions during the development of a revised brand identity system.

“Together we provide clarity, certainty and confidence – helping our clients advance towards their vision.”
  • Vision
    We help our clients advance towards their vision, realise their full potential and ultimately advance construction outcomes through our depth of knowledge and industry experience.
  • Personality
    Our brand is thorough, decisive and clear. We embody orderly confidence and consistency. We are always carefully put together and sophisticated.
  • Voice
    Our voice is confident and strong, we draw on our real and substantial experience to inspire and lead the conversation.

Brand Expression

The evolution of the brand identity allowed SJA to move forward with a brand that:

  • Has a clear position as an industry leader
  • Is consistent, orderly and confident – aligning their strengths to their audiences needs
  • Is meaningful to their audience and their team
  • Has a unique look and feel that reinforces their differences and is memorable in their industry
  • Supports their strategic objectives into the future

Emphasis was placed on clean lines with orderly and structured layouts bringing through a quiet confidence without taking away from the expertise and specialised knowledge being conveyed. Colour psychology is one of many elements that play a role in how people feel about your brand, and this was carefully considered in line with the archetype being represented.

“Mezzanine have been a terrific partner in helping us develop our brand. They provided great insight in the strategy phase and delivered a new visual language that accurately captured our brand. The process was highly collaborative and they were excellent at listening and understanding our needs. I think this combined with their creative and strategic approach is why we achieved a successful outcome that has been very well received by our people and clients.”
Christine Callinan
National Marketing Manager
Case Studies

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SJA Case Study Image

Assessing a business’ brand health for alignment with their strategic objectives

Businesses that have grown and changed over time often realise that their brand strategy hasn’t kept up with their development and maturity as a business, which means a brand can actually be working against growth instead of contributing to it.
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