Brand Identity

Brand salience is increased by a distinctive, memorable and consistent brand identity and assets. But brand design and communications today need to be approached differently. Your outer identity, the promise you make to the world, needs to align with your truth and substance. Get conscious before you get creative.

Many businesses start with a visual identity when beginning the branding process. But this approach isn’t effective if you want long-term value and growth.

Clarity of purpose, values, behaviour, character and customer needs to come before you try to express anything – visually or verbally. This ensures that developing your visual identity and brand communications is streamlined, actually effective in engaging the right people, and a true representation of who you are and how you’re different.

Once you’re clear on these things (we can help you), our creative team work alongside our strategy team, and your team, to design, develop and activate a brand identity that will empower your long-term vision.

Clear and distinctive brand design and language using appropriate psychological cues that are easy to recall and remember are important. With a strong identity in place, over time you create memory structures which bring your brand front-of-mind when someone is looking to buy a product or service like yours.

Our brand identity approach delivers:

  • Brand Identity
  • Omni-channel brand design systems
  • Brand assets
  • Brand Imagery
  • Real-time online brand guide

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