helping a business redefine and reinforce its potential

Leah Jay is the Hunter’s leading property management company and were the first to pioneer as a specialist property management service in Australia over 20 years ago. We’ve been privileged to get to know the people behind this successful business and help them forge forward to lead the way in their industry. We formed a strategic partnership to keep the brand at the forefront and embody their drive from the inside-out.

Identifying opportunities for growth

Our Brand Diagnostic phase revealed an ambitious future for the company and a lot of growth potential in the brand. There were opportunities to better align the brand with the company values and vision, and their ideal audience. Our first step is to examine brands in their full context, internally and externally, to ensure our advice and any action we take is strategic and effective in helping a business reach its goals.

Uncovering meaningful insight

During the clarity phase we worked with the leadership team to uncover insights around the deeper purpose of the business, the inherent values that supported their vision, their differentiating attributes and their target market. We had conversations with clients to build psychographic profiles and detailed maps of their individual property investment journeys.

Common themes began to emerge as the data grew. Uncovering the values, needs and beliefs that form a common bond between you and your customer is key in building a brand that is authentic, relevant and engaging for both your team and your customer. A brand built on deep human insight has incredible power to influence business growth, because it will bring meaningful engagement internally and form a resilient connection with customers based on shared values.

We discovered Leah Jay and their ideal customer had a lot in common – resilience, tenacity, forging paths, progressing, building competence – going further than most to achieve their goals or find their potential. People who invest in the long game and are willing to make a path where there isn’t one.

Strategically aligning an identity

The insights and brand strategy work revealed that the visual identity and language needed to evolve. The current identity was no longer congruent with the growth they had experienced over the years as a company, nor did it clearly reflect their inherent beliefs or ambitions for the future.

We worked together to build a new visual identity system that retained the recognition they’d built in their existing brand but more distinctly embodied the values and vision of the true Leah Jay. Testing the new visual brand and language holistically across all of their channels and assets ensured that the final brand solution could be effective and salient in all future applications, enabling Leah Jay to continue to build share of mind and trust in the market.

Building clarity and cohesion

A brand built on strong purpose, authentic beliefs and values has the power to mobilise and engage not just your customer, but just as importantly, your people. Our goal is to deliver extreme clarity on why you’re here, how you’re different, who you serve and what you deliver. Once defined, we provide the tools and guidance to empower you to ensure it’s clearly understood and meaningfully adopted throughout your business.

We built a Culture Guide for Leah Jay, defining an actionable framework for their purpose, values and point of difference as a company. We worked to connect meaning to all facets of the business, aligning behaviours, initiatives and mindsets with their values and future ambitions.

We’re continuing to work with the team at Leah Jay to build the new brand narrative with both their local and national audience of modern property investors and define a marketing plan that will support their business goals.

“Thank you Nikki, Luke and team. We value your support and contribution to our business greatly. It has been so rewarding working with you and we look forwarding to continuing our partnership.” – Cassandra Lantry, General Manager