Brand Insight and Strategy

The power of a brand is how it makes you feel. Brand connection, just like human connection, is more psychological than logical, and more unconscious than conscious.

At the core of a strong brand is an understanding of human truth and behaviour. 95% of our cognitive activities (decisions, emotions, actions, behaviour) are beyond our conscious awareness.

Conscious brands know the subconscious needs they are fulfilling and values they are conveying through their presence, tone, language, stories and experiences. They develop intentionally with a clear understanding of their own authenticity and the unspoken needs of the people they serve.

At the foundation of a strong brand is a deep awareness of your audience, self-awareness, authentic values, aligned culture, a bold vision and a clear strategy to get you there. They’re the things we work to uncover and build in order to bring an enduring, compelling brand to life for your business.

Brand development is both an art and a science. We harness human psychology, empathy and creativity to uncover the bridge between unspoken human needs and your company’s unique value. We find the differentiated essence of your brand and articulate those truths in a clear framework.

Our brand strategy framework delivers:

  • Purpose, values and vision
  • Brand archetyping
  • Psychological & functional requirements of your brand
  • Customer truth & unspoken needs
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand story
  • Brand ethos
  • Brand culture guide

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Conscious Brand Strategist and Director

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