Our Work

Changing perceptions through brand clarity

Shifting the perceptions of an organisation who are strengthening society through facilitating the embedding of a strategic focus on women and girls in the practice of philanthropy and social investment.

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Helping a business redefine and reinforce its potential

Leah Jay is the Hunter’s leading property management company and were the first to pioneer as a specialist property management service in Australia over 20 years ago. We’ve been privileged to get to know the people behind this successful business and help them forge forward to lead the way in their industry. We formed a strategic partnership to keep the brand at the forefront and embody their drive from the inside-out.

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Willana Urban Brand Image - Forge Paths for a Better Tomorrow

Giving employees a voice to inspire authentic direction for a brand

Willana were seeking an outward expression that was as strong as their outcomes and customer experience. They wanted to build a brand from the inside-out, starting with their team who desired to be a part of, and grow, something meaningful. It wasn’t just about a visual identity or a new website. With their whole team we helped to uncover the collective values and vision to give every team member and an opportunity to connect to a future direction and brand of Willana.

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Jenny's Place Image, Mother and Child in Park

Improving User Experience for Growth

Jenny’s Place has been a crucial service operating in the Hunter Region supporting women experiencing domestic violence and homelessness for over 40 years. We’ve been working with manager Marcia Chapman and the team at Jenny’s Place to create a new web platform that will enable them to build donations to support running costs for their Domestic Violence Resource Centre.

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Urbane Branded Image by Mezzanine Media

Actualising a company vision

It’s not often you meet someone like George Nikos – a visionary in every sense of the word. I discovered his passion for his industry, his community, and particularly the future potential of his company, ran deep. You could feel his energy through the phone. Despite his clear drive and enthusiasm though, he felt like he hadn’t been able to express that vision in a way that engaged his people and his clients. He needed help.

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Hunter Homeless Connect HHC Green Logo, Home Matters Help Matters Hope Matters

A new identity to support the growth of a not-for-profit

We worked with Hunter Homeless Connect to redefine, clarify and evolve their brand. When HCC first started out they were known for their annual event where service providers came together to support those in our community affected by homelessness. Today, HHC represents much more than that, so their new brand identity needed to reposition the organisation, shift perceptions of homelessness and support future fundraising efforts.

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helping a ceo drive change in his industry

David, CEO of Austability, approached us as his company was going through some structural changes – he was looking for a strong voice for the brand and clarity for his team around who they were as a business and what they stood for. As soon as we met David, we knew he was a moral and passionate man, dismayed by the current solutions offered by his industry and determined to bring the issues to light and offer something more valuable. He just needed his brand to both reflect and amplify this purpose.

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helping a school uncover their unique purpose and realise their potential

Boyd, the Principal of Hunter Christian School, and his staff, would have to be some of the most purposeful and loving people we’ve ever met. You can feel the warmth every time you walk into the room – Boyd is a principal who went out of his way to sit and chat to a student about their nerves before an interview, then give them a secret high five and reassuring nod before continuing on his way (we may have shed an admiring tear). We were eager to help them communicate that feeling in every experience people had with the school, not just face-to-face.

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INNX Digital Design - Mezzanine

building a platform for innovation

The visual and verbal identity for INNX stems straight from its purpose. It embodies self-direction, uprising and innovation. It speaks directly to those who believe what we believe – in forging their own path, embracing change, and pollinating ideas to create the future.

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building a values-based community

Through collaboration with JPG, we uncovered Vermont’s story and build a purpose-driven strategy, creating a connected estate with a defined purpose, and inspiring families across Sydney who believe they deserve more, to move to the awakened estate.

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Earlwood Brand Image - Digital Design Mezzanine

uniting an estates natural qualities with our shifting values

Johnson Property Group believe a home is like the hub, the foundation for potential in our lives – and they endeavour to help people build that foundation and see them flourish in the communities they create. Their boutique land estate in the Hunter Valley, with its peaceful location and sweeping blocks, provided an opportunity to address and serve the shifting values of families.

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