Actualising a company vision

Earlier this year I was sitting in a meeting when a notification popped up on my phone.

‘Let’s see how aware you really are. George.’

That’s all it said. I was intrigued, so I googled the domain to find out who this person was. Our team called him straight away. He laughed when he picked up and said, “Impressive.”

It’s not often you meet someone like George Nikos – a visionary in every sense of the word. I discovered his passion for his industry, his community, and particularly the future potential of his company, ran deep. You could feel his energy through the phone.

Despite his clear drive and enthusiasm though, he felt like he hadn’t been able to express that vision in a way that engaged his people and his clients. He needed help.

urbane strategy

The months since that phone call have been a whirlwind. It began with our Clarity Phase – a workshop with George’s team to uncover Urbane’s purpose, values, and the fine details of that future vision. Our Uncover App revealed that the team had strong values aligned to the Creator archetype, which wasn’t a surprise given George’s strong creative and visionary leadership.

We then led the team through a customer-focused workshop to understand their ideal customer, their mindset, and values, the journey they go on with Urbane and their functional and emotional needs throughout the buying and selling journey. With the customer journey map in place, we were able to see clear opportunities for engaging clients more effectively at every stage of the process. From the two-year Consideration phase (when people are thinking about their next move) right up to Retainment and Advocacy (when people stay connected after a move and refer friends and family).


It’s important to understand your unique audience, so you can serve them in ways that are relevant and authentic. Further research, along with a report from Roy Morgan revealed that 85% of those that live in the inner-west Sydney catchment area for Urbane, were classed as very socially aware.


  • Have an intense sense of right and wrong
  • Value autonomy and dislike interruptions
  • Are creative and internationally focussed
  • Are open to opportunities for innovation
  • Embrace leading edge technologies

*Source: Roy Morgan Helix Personas

Urbane had the potential to lead and own the innovation space in the inner-west, and they definitely had an audience open to new ideas and experiences. They just needed a strategy to get them there, and an authentic story that reflected their purpose and vision that people could engage with and contribute to.


“We are agents of new futures for our clients, our community, and our industry. We’re here to empower each to grow and thrive. We don’t follow the masses, we champion and serve individuals. We don’t feel restricted by what is, but instead, we like to think about what could be. We are dynamic, energetic and a catalyst for change.”

As the weeks go by each piece of the vision falls into place, both internally and externally. We’ve loved helping the real, and spirited Urbane come to life, from purpose-aligned delivery models and internal onboarding tools to a new identity, office space + fit out including collateral.

Building a brand is a long-term pursuit, which is why we work alongside our clients for years helping them to stay on track and make positive progress bit by bit. We’re currently working with Urbane in their new online environment – watch this space.

“We want to thank you guys, because you’re part of this journey that we’re creating and it’s inspirational for me. The information, the knowledge, the wisdom… you’re helping us create the experience that our clients are going to feel.” – George Nikos, Urbane Property Founder