improving user experience for growth

Jenny’s Place has been a crucial service operating in the Hunter Region supporting women experiencing domestic violence and homelessness for over 40 years. We’ve been working with manager Marcia Chapman and the team at Jenny’s Place to create a new web platform that will enable them to build donations to support running costs for their Domestic Violence Resource Centre. Collaborating with the lovely Grace McLean and the team from NFP Connect, together we’re building a fundraising solution to ensure this essential service remains open and operable.

As a first step, we came together to workshop the fundraising strategy and marketing plan alongside the team at Jenny’s Place. Opportunities were uncovered and ideas drafted for meeting both immediate and long-term goals for the organisation. By combining the talents of experts with decades of experience in different areas like brand strategy, marketing, fundraising, public relations and sponsorship, the team at Jenny’s Place were able to supercharge their outcomes and move quickly and confidently towards their goals.

We led the team at Jenny’s Place through the website development, starting with a strategic plan for restructuring the content and user experience to better meet the needs of both the organisation and site visitors.

Some of the UX improvements we made:

  • Focussed on building authentic engagement and connection with their audience through imagery and language throughout the website
  • Added Google Analytics tracking to the site to ensure they could learn about their audience and use the data to improve both their service and fundraising efforts
  • Integrated a section for Donors, clarifying how they could help and why, enabling immediate action and subsequently decreasing the workload for Jenny’s Place staff
  • Added lead capture to the site, enabling the Jenny’s Place team to grow their database and establish and build relationships with potential donors and sponsors

Jenny's Place Website Mockup

Improvements to the visual identity

We made small improvements to the visual identity to better reflect the experience and values of the organisation. Changing the perception of a lack of experience and uncertainty with an inconsistent and unrefined look and feel into a more considered, ordered identity to build memorability and strengthen trust.

It was important to the Jenny’s Place team that elements were retained for familiarity but better convey their experience, and embody support and hope. As a result, we kept some of the existing colours that were soft and welcoming but introduced some more colours to the palette such as the teal to add optimism and a darker shade of purple to bring certainty and trust, reflecting the history and wisdom of Jenny’s Place. The logo was also refined to reflect this.


Next we’ll focus on developing the marketing plan, campaigns and collateral to support the fundraising strategy. We feel privileged to be able to support such an important service in our region, donating our time for a portion of this project as one of our $10k Project Grant shortlisted finalists.

“It’s wonderful to see the revamped website – you guys have done an amazing job. Thank you so much for all your friendship and help in 2020. I look forward to working with you again this year.” – Kim Britton, Community Relations Coordinator