Giving employees a voice to inspire authentic direction for a brand

When we first met with the team at Willana, their website and collateral was front of mind for them. We’d been asked to come in and talk about our approach and what we could do to help them improve these key pieces of communications for the company.

What we realised as we chatted, was that the motivation behind these changes had come from a general concern from employees that the current identity didn’t reflect the substance of the company. What they were really crying out for was for Willana to have an outward voice that was as strong as their outcomes and experience.

Underneath all of that was a desire to be a part of, and grow, something meaningful, it wasn’t just about a visual identity and a new website. These were the outward expressions of a deeper need.


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Armed with that insight we were able to tailor a workshop with the whole team at Willana to uncover the collective values and vision and give every team member an opportunity to connect to a future direction and brand. An individual vision exercise revealed common desires around having a strong voice in the industry and reliable presence, and positive social impact with an activist spirit.

Building empathy maps and customer journey maps with the team opened up the opportunity for everyone to share stories of current and past clients and reflect on the experiences from their perspectives. Together we were able to identify some of the key attributes and differentiators of Willana that had prompted their clients to engage with them.

At the bottom of it all was resilience.

Resilience was living in all of the data – it flowed through their why, how and what. It was implanted in their DNA, it was the reason clients were drawn to them, and it reflected their vision for their industry and the planet.

Fast forward to today, as Willana Urban, they come together as a collective of smart thinkers, intuitive to the needs of the community and draw together for a common purpose – to boldly elevate humanity through resilient people, planning, and planet.

Uncovering the real Willana and supporting them to make it a reality has been an absolute privilege. We love helping companies come alive, inside and out.

Meeting them today sounds a little like this:

Communities across Australia and the world must face the challenges of globalisation, urbanisation and a changing climate.

As planners, we have a responsibility to ensure our communities not only survive, but adapt and thrive in a changing world.

At Willana Urban, we’re forging paths to a resilient future. It begins with who we are and extends to the impact we bring to communities and the people within them. Together, we have the courage and the know-how to anticipate, plan and prevail through any urban challenge.

We embolden the property and development industry, government and institutions, to overcome obstacles and plan for a better tomorrow. Our collective expertise enables us to advise and deliver robust outcomes across a broad range of projects, from complex developments in community consultation, court disputes and project management.

If you have the challenge, we have the will – be assured we’ll find the way.