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We’re here to enable more values-led leaders and purpose-driven businesses to rise up, thrive and create change. Our courses and workshops are for any individual or business who wants to live by their values and unlock their brand potential.


Our workshops are all 2-3 hours in duration and focus on the key elements that underpin success when it comes to building a purpose-driven brand and business. We recommend them to anyone in a leadership position who is responsible for guiding purpose, vision and culture. Workshops can be attended separately or taken as a series of three over one day.


Conscious Communications

Does your business live by its values? Learn how to develop marketing communications that are positive, authentic and embrace intrinsic values.

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Conscious Culture

Do you want to build a positive culture? Learn why people are motivated by intrinsic value and meaning in their work, and how you can develop this culture in your business.

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Conscious Leadership

Are you a leader who wants to honour your values in all aspects of your life, including work? Learn about Conscious Leadership and how you can lead through values to become the critical bridge between employees and the purpose they seek.

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Brand Kickstart

If you are a small business and/or an entrepreneur… What do you stand for? And how do you embody it throughout your business?

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Brand Clarity Course – Coming Soon

Does your brand need more depth and energy? Do you need clarity around who you are as a business, and a better understanding of your customers so you can build a more meaningful brand? Before you dive into a new brand identity, set your brand up for long-term value for you and those you serve. Gain the understanding, tools and skills to build a brand from the inside-out – one that is aware, awake and intentional.

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