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We’re here to enable more values-led leaders and purpose-driven businesses to rise up, thrive and create change. Our courses and workshops are for people in business who want to live their values and learn how to unlock the potential of their brand and people.


Our workshops are all 2-3 hours in duration and focus on the key elements that underpin success when it comes to building a purpose-driven brand and business. We recommend them to leaders who are responsible for guiding purpose, vision, culture and brand + business growth.

Values & Frames: Intro Workshop

Learn how to more effectively inspire people to get involved in your cause, campaign or collective action with Common Cause Australia.

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Values & Frames: Masterclass

An interactive masterclass with Common Cause Australia, where you will learn the skills to put values-framing into practice in your organisation.

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Uncover Workshop – Understanding yourself

Do you want to empower your brand and unite your team around a common purpose? Lift the hood on your authentic point of difference and discover your brand potential.

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Customer Workshop – Understanding your customer

Do you want to form a more meaningful connection with your customer and grow your impact? Uncover your ideal customer and learn about their deeper values and needs in order to better connect and serve.

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Brand Kickstart Workshop for startups

If you are a small business and/or an entrepreneur… What do you stand for? And how do you embody it throughout your business?

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Brand Clarity Course – Coming Soon

Does your brand need more depth and energy? Do you need clarity around who you are as a business, and a better understanding of your customers so you can build a more meaningful brand? Before you dive straight into a brand identity, get the clarity to set your brand up for long-term value for you and those you serve. Gain the understanding, tools and skills to build your brand from the inside-out – one that is aware, awake and intentional.

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