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Getting started: Brand clarity

Clarity affords focus. Being able to focus on the future we want, allows us to intentionally create that future.

If you’ve read our Steps for Brand Clarity + Authenticity Guide, and want to learn a few ways to uncover the insight you need in each phase, these videos will help you do just that.

Confusion is often the first step towards clarity. So if you’re feeling this way, keep going, keep uncovering and you will start to find connections.

In each of the three videos, Nikki, our resident brand researcher, analyser and builder, will step you through a few simple activities you can do during each phase to bring the right information to the surface.

When you sign up, you will receive each video in order over a fortnight, so that you have enough time in between to go away and complete that phase before you move on to the next.

Remember, if you need more guidance or would like help facilitating the process with your team, we’re only a phone call away.

Part One

Discover some of the techniques and activities we use to dive below the surface into core values and purpose.

Part Two

We cover techniques and activities we use to uncover human needs and aspirations.

Part Three

Ways to organise your information and form insight around your brand direction.

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Workshops and Courses

Brand Clarity Workshop

One-to-one, In-person Cohort
Understanding your identity and uncovering your potential is the first step in building a brand that serves your business or organisation. It’s important to turn ambiguity into certainty around your brand if you want to grow.

Brand kickstart for start-ups

Does your brand need more depth and energy? Do you need clarity around who you are as a business, and a better understanding of your customers so you can build a more meaningful brand?

Values & frames Fundamentals

Virtual Cohort, In-house On-demand
Common Cause Fundamentals is a multi-session Zoom-based training program for people working on social and environmental causes.

Values & frames Masterclass

Virtual Cohort, In-house On-demand
In our Common Cause Fundamentals training, you’ll learn how value and frames really work to change the way people think and act. We’ll explore how values underpin social systems and why we all share a common cause in the values we engage in our work.
Women sitting and talking, Jenny's place website image

Customer understanding workshop

Virtual Cohort, In-person Cohort, In-house On-demand
If you’re working to gain clarity around your brand, knowing the people you best serve is an important step in the process. To build a meaningful brand, it’s important to look at who your customers are as people through qualitative research into values, aspirations and behaviour, rather than only looking at quantitive data.