2022 impact program

Does your organisation have a positive impact or lead positive social or environmental change?

We offer those who are making a difference the opportunity to join our 2022 Impact Program.

2022 Impact Program – Applications Now Open – Sign Up for more info

what is the impact program?

Put simply, it’s a program that supports you to do more with your brand and marketing. We’ve built a model for delivering strategic, thoughtful and high-quality work in a way that enables you to invest more into what matters most – your impact.

Who is it for?

This program is exclusively for established organisations committed to having a positive impact in the world and must fit one of the below:

  • B-Corporation
  • Not-for-profit
  • School or Educational Organisation
  • Social Enterprise

If you are a start-up organisation, email us at [email protected] to get more info on our services for start-ups.

What are the benefits?

All clients who are a part of our Impact Program have exclusive access to:

  • Subsidised rates on all services including strategic facilitation for organisational purpose, values, brand and marketing, along with storytelling, design, digital and film
  • Opportunity to apply for our annual $10,000 Impact Grant
  • Two free strategy sessions per year to help plan ahead and stay on track
  • Access to our Impact Retainer Partnership
  • Support on our social platforms and amongst our networks

On top of that, you’ll be working with a full team of specialists who are passionate about making a positive difference and have decades of experience in this space. We love what we do and when we’re able to use our skills to help organisations make a real difference we always achieve so much more.

Important Dates

2022 Impact Program

  • Expressions of Interest
  • Taking Applications Open Now


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Founders: Luke Burrell, Nikki Wright and Shane Burrell.

Together we can ignite our innate potential, unite those who stand for something and do good for the world.

For over 20 years we’ve worked closely with a broad spectrum of impact organisations. We combine a diverse team of brand strategists, brand builders, marketers, designers, developers, storytellers and producers to empower our clients to pursue their higher purpose, build an enduring brand and contribute something great to the world.

We invite you to join us and the other remarkable organisations we’ve had the privilege of working alongside.


Applications are now open for 2022!

If you’d like more info, submit the form below and you’ll receive information on the application criteria and how to apply.

Impact Program Interest
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our approach

Good business to us is really caring about having a positive impact on the people and communities you serve, as well as our planet. To develop the right solution, we harness the following principles


Strategic Alignment

A creative idea or piece of communication is only valuable if it serves your brand strategy and purpose. We think beyond the short-term goal to ensure our solutions also support the long-term aspirations of your brand and your company.

Positive Values & Frames

There are many ways to influence behaviour change, attract your audience or sell your products & services. We believe in empowerment over fear tactics. We embody positive values and frames in our solutions and build brand trust for your organisation through authenticity and integrity.

Meaningful Collaboration

Our most successful ideas and projects are always the outcome of a relational approach, where all involved commit to getting the best outcome. Transparency and collaboration mean we can learn, adapt and respond to new information, findings or feedback to ensure time is spent on the most valuable path.


Humans have been telling stores for thousands of years, it’s how we make sense of the world. We use the power of narrative to authentically and intentionally engage your audience so your organisation and brand truly matters to people.

Design Thinking

The problem we think we have is not always the problem we actually have. We apply empathy, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and test ideas to ensure we’re seeing, understanding and solving problems in the right way.


We care about people, a lot. The wellbeing of the people you serve as an organisation is our foremost priority. We tell stories and develop solutions that have a positive impact and truly add value to their lives. We put people before profit.