For 25yrs, we’ve been empowering organisations to progress, grow, serve and lead through brand – inside and out.

Nikki Wright presenting Mezzanine Workshop
Shanto - Baptist World Aid Project - Group of School Girls
Mezzanine Team Behind The Scenes with the Salvation Army
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Our story

Over two and a half decades ago we planted the seed for a future we imagined – a future where the purpose of business shifted from being the best in the world, to being the best for the world.

We partner with our clients to build enduring brands that have a positive impact for people, their organisation and the world. Conscious brands embody purpose, integrity and humanity, and strategically transform your organisation – inside and out. 

Mezzanine is led and owned by Directors Nikki Wright and Luke Burrell. We are a Strategic Brand & Culture Consultancy with a commitment to having a positive impact in the world through our work. Our purpose is to empower people with the belief, understanding and capacity to lead positive change.


Our people

From humble beginnings as two brothers working together in a basement, today we combine a diverse team of strategists, brand builders, marketers, designers, developers, storytellers and producers to empower our clients to pursue their higher purpose, build an enduring brand and contribute something great to the world.

Our people are a rare breed. They are questioners, thinkers, empaths and innovators – driven by their values and belief in making a positive contribution in the world. We’re a cross-functional and diverse team, working together to deliver meaning, relevance and impact. We’re here to help good businesses thrive.
Creative Director, Co-founder and Director
Conscious Brand Strategist and Director
Co-founder, Film and Story
Studio and Production Manager
Senior Creative
Brand Builder
Leadership, Culture and Business Strategy
Leadership and Culture
Digital Experiences
Administration and Accounts
Content Producer

Our collaborators

We believe there is no problem too great for the collective and creative genius of people. Over the years, we’ve met some pretty amazing people who are redefining what it means to do business. These people have become a part of our collective – all like-minded pioneers who offer unique value in their respective fields along our journey to embed humanity and purpose into organisations.

Common Cause Australia
Strategic Thinking and Transformation
Public Relations and Media

Working together

We partner with people like you who want to grow their organisation and transform for the better. We love working with people to amplify their brand, purpose and impact. A partnership with us will steer you towards your goals and ensure that you’re having a positive impact.


Strategic alignment

A creative idea or piece of communication is only valuable if it serves your brand strategy and purpose. We think beyond the short-term goal to ensure our solutions also support the long-term aspirations and purpose of your organisation.

Positive values and frames

There are many ways to influence behaviour change, attract customers or sell your development. We believe in empowerment over fear tactics. We embody positive values and frames in our solutions and build brand trust for your organisation through authenticity and integrity.

Meaningful collaboration

Our most successful ideas and projects are always the outcome of a relational approach, where all involved commit to getting the best outcome. Transparency and collaboration mean we can learn, adapt and respond to new information, findings or feedback to ensure time is spent on the most valuable path.


Humans have been telling stores for thousands of years, it’s how we make sense of the world. We use the power of narrative to authentically and intentionally engage your audience so your brand truly matters to people.

Design thinking

The problem we think we have is not always the problem we actually have. We apply empathy, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and test ideas to ensure we’re seeing, understanding and solving problems in the right way.


We care about people, a lot. The wellbeing of the people you serve as a organisation is our foremost priority. We tell stories and develop solutions that have a positive impact and truly add value to their lives. We put people before profit.

Our experience

For more than two decades we’ve worked across many sectors with a focus less on the industry itself, and more on the aligned values, mindset and goals of the organisations we engage.

In the social space, we’ve had long standing and active relationships with many social-impact organisations over our 18 years in business. It’s been a privilege to work closely, supporting Australia’s top 3 NFPs – World Vision, Salvation Army and Compassion – as well as other organisations such as CanTeen, Conscious Capitalism ANZ, Employment Plus and Baptist World aid, delivering everything from brand strategy, marketing and fundrasing campaigns, events, film production, digital and design creative.

Our partnerships with our clients are long standing, some in excess of 15 years. Over the years we’ve worked at a strategic level to help large organisations launch new brands and services, guide leaders through business transformations from the inside-out, help organisations understand their customers, brand and create new communities, launch meaningful campaigns, and craft new futures for schools and education

We’re proud of our work because we can see the meaningful impact it has for organisations, the people within them, the people they serve and the broader community.

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