Spark Strategy

Strategic Thinking and Transformation

Spark is an agency for strategic thinking, transformation and sustained action. They believe ideas spark brighter futures and we’re about unearthing these ideas and bringing them to life.

Spark work with Not for Profits, Private Sector, Government and Social Businesses to unleash their potential, to transform themselves and the societies in which they live.

They strive for high impact, approaching social development problems from multiple angles: Not for Profit delivery, Government policy, Corporate shared value approaches, international collaboration and new models of incubation for system change.

Three elements that converge in our work are: Two decades of Strategy and Business Model Design; Intimate knowledge of the Social Sector; and; A deep understanding of Stakeholder Engagement and Co-design

Spark work across all sectors, though the majority of their portfolio comprises social sector clients, both government and not for profit. Working with the likes of VicHealth, the Foundation for Young Australians and Deaf Children Australia we have developed a deep understanding of the nuances of the sector. Spark acknowledge that traditional consulting does not do this sector service, and that, while traditional tools can be borrowed from, the end beneficiary must be at the centre of all strategic design.