Zara Choy

Brand Builder

Zara is passionate about creating a thriving future for people and planet and restoring the soul of business through conscious leadership and regenerative mindsets.

Over more than two decades, her quest for meaningful work has led her to work across commercial, not for profit, business, education, grassroots and government sectors, and equipped her with experience spanning multiple fields — from technology, marketing and finance, to business development, market research, product development and storytelling. Having found the world of social enterprise and purposeful business, she has spent the last 12 years dedicated to forwarding the practice of business for good in this arena.

She has held various roles within business stewardship, leading strategic implementation of projects within organizations as well as rolling out client-side projects, and in a previous life was a social entrepreneur herself. She is also an active board and committee of Conscious Capitalism Australia and New Zealand, and a recently qualified transpersonal coach.

A big thinker as well as a pragmatic doer, Zara brings a strategic, entrepreneurial and innovative mind, thorough implementation and a heart-centered approach to purpose driven initiatives. Her diverse work and life experiences means she often bridges creative and technical, strategy and execution, lateral and literal and many other “in betweens”.

Zara loves supporting people and organisations to unleash possibilities and potential, and turn bold visions to reality, and helps us partner with clients to nurture holistic success.

What brings her joy in life? Lots! But top of the list is her love of dancing, music, crafts, learning, becoming a better human, and knowing that she has left this world a little better in some way.