Jessica Johnson

Senior Creative

Jess is cause-driven to her core. She is a quiet achiever and a gentle spirit, but in her work ‘determined’ and ‘passionate’ are apt to describe her approach.

Jess is cause-driven to her core. A quiet achiever and reflective thinker, Jess has a deep understanding of what it takes to build a strong visual brand. For almost a decade she has helped companies elevate and align their visual identity and brand presence over a wide range of industries. A strong identity is one that works seamlessly across every experience of the business, and Jess’s diverse understanding of digital and real environments means she is able to translate visual language faultlessly across platforms.

As our Senior Creative, Jess leads our Brand Identity phase, combining problem solving and imaginative design to find compelling and strategic brand solutions for our clients. She is motivated by the thought that those on the receiving end of her designs are benefitting in some notable way. If you ask her about her job, she won’t show you her work, but humbly points to the testimonies of individuals whose lives have been changed through her clients.