Naomi Nash

Leadership and Culture

Naomi develops the leadership capacity our client’s organisations need to deliver on their transformation.

Creating internal alignment and unlocking the leadership capacity in all our people is key to realising any strategic change. Naomi creates an environment for this deeper work, ensuring the insights driving your strategy are also put into practice in your culture.

People need time and a real opportunity to connect if they are going to genuinely contribute to the future. The result of this investment is a solid foundation for your brand strategy, an aligned team, and the capacity to stay true to your direction and purpose when the inevitable implementation challenges arrive.

Drawing on 10+ years experience, substantial Australian and international research, leadership thinking, community engagement and strengths-based practice, Naomi is a sought-after leadership and culture consultant. In 2018 she co-authored the book Rethinking Leadership: Building capacity for positive change, and throughout her career has worked with social purpose organisations, schools, executives and individuals, to explore leadership and innovation.