Kass Young

Administration and Accounts

Kass Young is our go-to expert for all things administration and accounts. She finds her happy place in the world of Excel spreadsheets, scheduling, planning, and budgeting, not to mention her mastery of Xero and all things numbers.

With years of experience in both commercial accounting and small businesses, Kass is an invaluable asset to our team. Her knack for organizing people, places, and things ensures everything runs like clockwork.

But Kass isn’t just about numbers. She excels in looking after people and handling difficult conversations effortlessly, thanks to her no-fear attitude and tenacity. When challenges arise, Kass is our problem-solving champion, always ready to dig deep and find solutions.

Working with Kass is always a pleasure. You can count on her to bring efficiency, order, and a can-do attitude to any project or task. With Kass Young on board, success is guaranteed.