Nikki Wright

Conscious Brand Strategist and Director

Nikki has always had a keen interest in human behaviour, understanding how thoughts and self-concepts influence actions, and the principles of positive psychology. She uses that knowledge and experience to help companies embed empowerment strategies over fear based, extrinsic strategies.

At Mezzanine for 17 years, Nikki has a unique ability to uncover authentic purpose and build meaningful strategy for companies that want to connect, serve and add real value to people’s lives. Notably, she’s spent the past few years researching and developing the Conscious Brand process, which delivers an operable framework for brand building that nurtures purpose, meaningful connection, values-led leadership and positive culture.

Nikki leads our team with an unwavering conviction that empathy is the foundation of inspiring brands and leaders. More specifically, she builds meaningful brands by bridging the gap between an organisations intrinsic purpose and strengths and the human needs and desires of people. She plays a key role in research and development, brand strategy, alignment and culture for purpose-driven organisations.

Nikki brings inspiration and strategic guidance to our clients and team, and is passionate about helping every person, and every brand, to find their voice and reach their potential. Ask her about the best things in life and she will say her husband and kids, critical thinking, imagination, books, nature and coffee.