Web and Digital

Often when it comes to digital, mobile and web development, companies seek individual components in relative isolation, approaching different vendors for a particular piece of execution – a website at one company, a mobile app with another. This means having to explain the business logic of your organisation and reasons behind every interaction (or non-interaction) with the user at every juncture.

Digital Strategy​

We see your digital environment as a fully-fledged core component of your business. Our approach ensures that your whole online digital platform empowers your company and customers. 

Before we begin any work, we take a holistic, long-term approach to your business solution and critically analyse all aspects of your business logic that currently or potentially could interact with your digital environment, the connections and the relationships it has with people. By doing this, we ensure we are addressing the underlying values of both your business and customers and setting your platform up for both short-term agility and long-term success.

Web Design and Development

From big to small, Mezzanine has the skills and agility to create a unique web platform from scratch or work with your existing software stack. 

We develop all our code in-house using primarily open source products to ensure it’s well supported and easy to use. We believe in developing solutions that empower you – meaning you don’t need to contact your programmer to update some text on the homepage, you can make all the changes yourself in a simple and easy to use interface.

Digital Management

One of the best things about digital is the ability to quickly iterate a working solution. Mezzanine provides fully integrated digital management that aligns with your purpose and long-term business objectives.

We take the responsibility to develop and grow your digital presence to ensure its (and your) long-term success. With extensive digital management experience in online advertising (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google SEM and Google Display), social media management, search engine content optimisation, lead acquisition, multi-channel campaigns and brand messaging.