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Positioning a development to meet the needs of its future community

We love playing a part in bringing communities to life. From the moment the linen plan is sent through, we start to envision the future community and ideal lifestyle for the people who will live there. Recently we collaborated with Johnson Property Group to define and bring to life their 1500+ lot estate, Mountview Grange, in the Hunter Valley. To position the development effectively, we needed to uncover and define the unique brand benefits or truths of the development, the needs and values of the ideal buyer, and the vision for the future community.

  • The product
    A 1500+ lot development with sweeping views of the Hunter Valley.
  • The name
    A confident, leading name that conveyed significance and reflected the substantial size of the development
  • The visual identity
    Instantly distinguished the estate as a leader in experience and leadership, in a way that was sympathetic to the area and the audience. Refined and elegant, but wholesome and pure. Balancing the esteem of the ruler with the grace and warmth of the caregiver enabled a distinctive identity while appealing to the needs of the audience.
  • The communication strategy
    Focusing on digital channels built rapid awareness of the estate and enabled engagement with the buyer during the consideration phase. A strong content strategy focussed on lead nurture supports the journey and assists the sales process. This combined with ongoing digital advertising and a solid online platform built to capture leads ensures the estate has a steady flow of buyers.


Brand positioning is the process of positioning your brand in the mind of your customers.

The idea is to clearly own something specific and desirable by creating a unique impression in your customers mind that is distinct and memorable. Positioning is not something you do, but rather, is the result of your customer’s perception of what you do. The act of positioning is a co-authored experience with your audience.

Before we could attempt to position the development effectively, there were certain things we had to be clear on around the development itself, the ideal buyer, the competing estates and the future community.

Our unique values-based approach – conscious branding – helped pave the way for a meaningful brand strategy and successful launch. The first five stages of the development were released and sold within months.

When researching the area and buyer psychographics, we discovered there was a genuine opportunity for a poised leader who understood the buyers need for certainty, purity, simplicity and care. Mountview Grange was able to authentically own this position due to the scale and expanse of the estate, coupled with the known quality and experience of the developer.

The brand position was defined by three words for simplicity and retainment:
Grandeur. Purity. Simplicity.

We were able to differentiate the estate from others in the area with a unique balance of nurture and grandeur. In archetype terms, this is a blend of the Caregiver and the Ruler. The ruler reflected the expanse and eminence of the estate, and enabled MVG to establish leadership and distinctiveness. The blend of the caregiver echoed the pure, natural lifestyle and permitted a gentler, inclusive approach that aided approachability for our ideal buyer.


In order to develop and maintain a brand position, we needed to think holistically about the brand experience. It’s not only the look and feel of an identity that creates a perception in peoples’ minds – but the entire experience including the site office, online platform, content, conversations with sales people, social media, and how the site is presented, just to name a few.

With the brand position defined, we could then start to align things such as the brand personality, identity, behaviour and voice to genuinely support the desired perception. The key to successful positioning is that it’s consistently being validated and reinforced by aligned brand behaviour as the development comes to life.

  • Brand personality
    Composed but also earnest and warm. Respected, confident and reliable, but also graceful, welcoming and inclusive. The brand personality needed to exert experience and understanding, and appeal to the markets underlying wish to feel certain and safe.
  • Visual look and feel
    The visuals needed to instantly distinguish us as leaders in a way that was sympathetic to the area and our audience. Refined and elegant, but wholesome and pure. Balancing the esteem of the ruler with the grace and warmth of the caregiver enabled us to develop a distinctive identity while appealing to the needs of the audience.
  • Brand behaviour
    Brand experiences should leave the customer feeling informed, confident, safe and cared for. They should feel admiration, certain, supported.
  • Brand voice
    The brand voice needed to instil confidence and portray our visionary leadership, but also display genuine care and make people feel comfortable and supported.
Mount View Grange Estate Case Study Image

Brand is different to marketing and sales

The brand position you have created for your development is the first thing to come into play in the buyer journey and is non-conscious. If you could shine a light on the deeper, non-conscious part of the buyers brain you’d see it asking questions like ‘Can I see myself living there?’ ‘Does it reflect what I value?’ ‘Does it reflect who I want to be?’

Your brand messaging is your story or narrative – in this case it’s what gives Mountview Grange a sense of leadership, meaning and longevity. It’s the reason people notice and connect with your development emotionally. Your brand story should unfold across experiences like the website, display suite and collateral to form a strong and meaningful identity that draws in your audience. Your brand narrative should always remain constant in order to build trust and a strong presence.

Brand narrative

The Good, Grand Life

Create a life that feels good on the inside. Live simply but significantly and wake up to the grandness of nature – its beauty will have a profound effect on your wellbeing. A good, grand life commands quality, simplicity, beauty, time and space, and you’ll find it all here at Mount View Grange.

This brand narrative allowed us to tell a story of a simple, wholesome, but meaningful life. It balances the personalities of the Ruler and the Caregiver and gives us the flexibility to talk about ‘goodness and simplicity’ at the same time as ‘significance and quality’. It gives the estate a premium edge, without being ostentatious. Bringing the nurturing feeling of the caregiver enabled an honest, natural edge to our communications. The narrative achieved the perfect balance of confidence (leader) with empathy/purity (mother nature). 

When it comes to marketing, this is more tangible and conscious to the buyer. The questions to be answered in your marketing messaging are more rational – ‘Is it feasible for me? Can I afford it? What’s available?’

Your marketing messaging is an extension of your brand narrative – it communicates more specifically what is unique and relevant about your development to each of your audiences, across various channels of the buyer journey. Therefore your marketing message may change depending on the audience and what you’re selling, but your brand and voice should remain consistent.

Marketing Message

A Grand Entrance

Our first precinct will be a limited release for couples and families looking to make a grand entrance into a new home. No need to hold back, with our unrivalled value you can make a bold beginning.

By exploring the unique attributes and audience for Precinct One, we were able to tailor the marketing message in a way that was relevant and meaningful to the ideal buyer. The integrity of the brand narrative endured, while the specific value proposition of the first precinct was communicated.

Mount View Grange Estate Social Media Case Study Image