Congratulations to our $10K Project Grant Recipient – Sunny Street!

Sunny Street Provides Vital Medical Support to Vulnerable and Homeless Australians in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast with the Goal to Grow Nationally! 


Our entire community has amazed us with their positive impact projects, but Sunny Street Outreach Project was a cause we could not walk past!  

Founded by Dr Nova Evans and Nurse Sonia Goodwin in 2018Sunny Street is an incredible social enterprise that provides primary healthcare and complex service coordination to Australians experiencing homelessness or vulnerability via a mobile medical outreach unit in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gympie areasHowever, Nova and Sonia have a huge vision to grow nationally to support more vulnerable Australians in navigating their health through in-depth conversation, empathy and vital medical support! 


Dr Nova Evans and Nurse Sonia Goodwin, Founders of Sunny Street Outreach Project


The aim of this enterprise is to influence a more humane healthcare system through their disruptive new model that works outside the system and is focused on each patient’s unique health journey.  With over 200 volunteers, Sunny Street provides advice and education on health and wellbeing, general health assessments, mental health plans, disease management, wound care, immunisations, STI treatments and cervical screenings, as well as referrals and social prescriptions through their mobile outreach unit and partner clinics. 

We’re excited to support a project that is vital to our social fabric and embodies at its very core the ideals of empathy and generosity of spirit. Mezzanine will be assisting with collateral, assets and content to support Sunny Street to improve the health of vulnerable Australians across the nation, leading with love, kindness and connection to forge a new path in healthcare. 

The Sunny Street Project is an example to us all that we are capable of change and progress when we lead with our purpose and values, as well as finding the right support in the people we connect with! Keep an eye out for updates:


Learn more at the Sunny Street Website!

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If you missed out on making your application for the grant, our 2020 Impact Program is still taking applications.

The program was created for NFP’s, social enterprises and educational facilities and provides a range of benefits such as subsidised services, project grants and complementary strategy sessions – it’s our way of giving back!

We will be supporting 10 organisations through our program in 2020 – if you think this might be right for you and your organisation, please learn more here and make an application!

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