He waka eke noa — we’re all in this together

Earlier this month, I travelled down to Victoria to represent at the BCorp Assembly. We gathered on the beautiful lands of Bunurong country on the tip of the Mornington Peninsular in regional Victoria, B Corps from across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand (AANZ) convened in person for Assembly 2024, marking the first physical gathering since […]

Discover the 10k Project Grant Finalists for 2023

Each year our $10K Project Grant makes us love what we do even more . It’s an opportunity for all of us to see new ideas, initiatives, and leading brands seeking to be conscious and innovative in the way they impact the world. Our team love the opportunity to take on a passion project that […]

Introducing the Conscious Brand Assessment Tool

As avid believers of better business, we’ve invested in researching and developing initiatives that aim to put humanity and values back in business. Our Conscious Brands Assessment Tool is one such innovation. Our strategy, development and creative teams have been collaborating to develop the Conscious Brand Assessment Tool (CBA) – an online assessment tool to […]

Pursuing something more than just the ol’ 9–5 at Sydney’s NewCo Business Festival

The way that NewCo works as a business festival is that you plan your schedule on their mobile phone app and travel between each office space to sit in on a design thinking workshop, strategy session or receive a sizeable dose of inside knowledge with their respective business leader. What’s different about these select companies is that they are intentionally harnessing their true and higher purpose which leads into creating positive change in our world – we’re pretty excited that more and more businesses are pursuing something more than just the ol’ 9–5.

Gut decisions don’t happen in your stomach by simon sinek

Simon Sinek, Start With Why, Gut Decisions

We believe in brands speaking to each person as if they were looking right into their eyes. Mezzanine exists to build brands from the inside-out and nurture them like they were a person because people want to hear from people. That’s what we’re here to give, something real to experience. Simon Sinek touches on this idea of communicating to someone through something more than words. To meet them right where they are at and understand that gut decisions are the kind we all trust. Read on and you’ll find an excerpt from his book, Start With Why.

Discovering your own personal ‘why’ with Thankyou


At this point, you’re in one of two camps: you either know your ‘why’ and are able to articulate it easily, or you’re wondering if you even have a ‘why’, and if so, what it is. Where you find your ‘why’ will be something that only you can discover. But I can give you some […]