Broadening the scope of ideas

Finding ways to keep our team thinking creatively is the fun part of my role here at Mezzanine.

I recently implemented ‘random objects’ for use as a trigger – to create associations and connections in our subconscious, which help bring about fresh, new ideas to a challenge. The team are given 15 minutes to right down as many ideas as possible – the resulting ideas don’t have to be directly associated with the objects, so the exciting thing is to see where the chosen object takes them in their imagination! When the 15 minutes is up, ideas on how we can give our current/future clients extra value in the way that we serve them, are shared amongst the team to develop further in discussion and are refined to pitch.

By drawing and/or listing the object’s characteristics, features and uses, + forcing connections with the object and the challenge we are working on, it broadens the scope of ideas, no matter how illogical or outrageous they seem at the time.

And when done regularly, this type of free-form thinking expands the brain and enhances skills in creativity and critical thinking. We all love it!

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The last few rounds of T.O.M developed some inspiring ideas from the team.

  • 3 different plants’ brought about the idea of mindfulness. That all living things may have different physical attributes, but share the same needs. That is, to be treated with care so that they thrive and flourish.
  • Random letters on a dice’ saw some puzzled faces at first, but eventually lead to letters of thanks and a feedback survey for our current clients.

This has been a great exercise to facilitate collaboration between different departments within the team and to remind us that we are here to go above and beyond for our clients – empowering them to reach their greatest potential.

Next week’s Trigger Object will be a ‘hat’If you have some valuable ideas, we’d love to hear what you come up with!

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