Mezzanine Media Team 2017

Better Together in 2017

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. – James Cash Penney

We count ourselves beyond fortunate to be surrounded by the people that make up our team, our clients and the business community. This year, we’ve seen the many challenges given to us, turn into opportunities to serve together. Through the resilience of knowing our purpose, putting in the hard work and being inspired by the belief in the people around us, it’s truly been our best year yet!

Here’s a look at some of our team’s favourite and most meaningful projects this year:


Liz has a great knack for communication. Her creative thinking shone through when she took on the responsibility of producing design concepts for one of our newest clients CanTeen. The infographic project, was to ensure clarity and provide understanding for CanTeen’s available services to help families affected by cancer find the help they need. This is one of the many CanTeen projects that Liz has had a hand in this year… such a versatile Studio Manager we have!



Alice‘smindful digital skills came into full use when building the Vinci Software website from scratch for Trinitas Group.  She (and Ryan) enjoyed the creative freedom given to fully-customise the website and serve all the client’s needs with agility and ease. As a result, both Alice and Trinitas Group agree that the project came together quite seamlessly!


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Mylan feels most in her element when listening to people come to life as they talk about their ‘why’, and then being able to share that story in a clear and compelling way on digital platforms. Co-ordinating the Find Your Possible Podcast gave her the chance to reach out to some incredible businesses like Thankyou, LUSH Cosmetics and Deloitte (to name a few!). She loved the challenge of project managing the meetings, post-production and digital promotion with Nikki (podcast host).



Jess found the New River Leadership team to be so warm and down-to-earth, making the project process with them an uplifting experience. Together, Jess along with Naomi and Pete created the Rethinking Leadership book. She enjoyed the challenge of illustrating diagrams that communicated the concepts being taught throughout the book and then seeing it all come to life at the book launch in Sydney.


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Ryan knows well, how design can elevate brand stories through creating an experience. He lead Trusted Negotiator through updating their visual identity earlier this year and the result is something he is proud of. Trusted Negotiator deliver a conscious and emotionally intelligent approach to business negotiation and Ryan wanted to express this through their visual identity. The design is influenced by sacred geometry, which is a series of shapes combined in perfect balance. This represents the moment at which we realise we can impact a conversation, a company, our life and the world.


Luke is not alone when he says that our work with Urbane is one of Mezzanine’s most noteable projects this year. He is looking forward to leading the creative team in rolling out the website in the new year. Have a look at Urbane here.


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Nikki loves helping teams and their leaders realise they have something special. When Willana approached us knowing that branding was more than a logo, Nikki knew straight away that this working relationship had great potential. Rebranding as Willana Urban, They now have a deeper understanding of their values and how it is changing their business from the inside-out. Willana Urban come together as a collective of smart thinkers, intuitive to the needs of the community. They are drawn together for a common purpose – to contribute to, and create, liveable, resilient, productive communities. We believe in people, planning and planet.


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Shane has always had a passion for telling stories through moving images. The stories he shares weigh deep on his own heart, measuring how and what impact he personally is making on the world. This year, he was invited again to lead the production of The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal and Christmas Campaign commercials with their team.

Watch the Christmas Campaign here.


Meet Michelle

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With such a focus and heart for serving people, we couldn’t go past Michelle when we were looking to expand our team again. Growing up in a small town in New Zealand, Michelle’s upbringing included growing an Avocado Orchard and maintaining an electrical business with her parents – teaching her skills that she didn’t realise were of value at the time, like business development and strategy. Her driven and purpose-fueled work ethic is thanks to this service-orientated lifestyle of having clients as friends, and the conviction that the most valuable solutions come from genuinely caring and listening. A sit-down coffee with Michelle often results in lightbulb moments turning into tangible and measurable growth, so you can see why we’re glad to have her on board as a Brand Manager!


More noteworthy moments:

    • We finished our first Find Your Possible Podcast series
    • Our co-working space INNX, that Luke and Shane had founded and built, was finally finished and hosted Masters + Creators as an official launch to celebrate the hub and its locals. See photos from the night and Jack Delosa’s speech here
    • Several companies have been tracking their progress with our free online business assessment tool, the Conscious Brand Index
    • Viv had baby number two, Violet
    • Our Brand Clarity guide and video series was launched
    • Luke and Nikki were filmed as a part of the Disruptive Impact documentary series, with accompanying book
    • Dom went to Europe for a month or so, Nikki road tripped with her family for a month around the coast of Australia, Luke and Shane travelled to Vietnam, and Liz explored Tasmania with her family
    • We developed and implemented a new kind of job review system, our values-based team reviews – which focus on how each person is building on the core values of this business, how it intertwines with their own personal values and what this looks like as a set of goals
    • Luke and Nikki were invited to speak at Impero‘s Think. Learn. Connect. event in Sydney. Read some of what they shared here
    • Our first street art and office mural project for client Urbane Property, collaborating with artist Keo Match
    • Shane married Agnes
    • We had Jimmy Robards, a fresh UON marketing graduate, intern with us
    • Jen Crooks, a design graduate from Billy Blue, interned with us
    • We’ve welcomed more clients to the Mezzanine family – Including CanTeen, Willana, Urbane, SingularityU and Soul Keeping, plus more in the works!


We are so thankful for this year, to you, our family and friends/clients and to our fellow businesses (both corporate and local). Enjoy your time off over the Christmas and New Years break, we believe your hearts and bellies will be full as we enter into 2018!

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