Discover the 10k Project Grant Finalists for 2023

Each year our $10K Project Grant makes us love what we do even more . It’s an opportunity for all of us to see new ideas, initiatives, and leading brands seeking to be conscious and innovative in the way they impact the world. Our team love the opportunity to take on a passion project that they care deeply about. This is the fourth year we’ve offered the grant, and just when we think we’ve seen it all, someone blows us away with their unique creativity, problem-solving or generosity.

So without further delay, we’re proud to announce our Top 10 Finalists for 2023 (in no particular order!)…

Flying Fox

Flying Fox was started by a 19yr old who had an idea to run camps & programs for young people with disability. He was able to convince funders to support a camp back in 2014, and the charity has since trained more than 1000 young people as volunteer Buddies. How cool is that?

They’re on a mission to build connections between people with disability and the community through the power of fun. We love their commitment to measuring their impact with their annual impact report, and that they’re looking to the future asking what their brand needs to be to support their organisational goals over the next 10 years.

Impact Boom

Impact Boom is here to grow the business for good movement globally. They’ve provided support to 241+ social enterprises globally, helping them start, grow, scale, operate sustainably and importantly, create strong positive impact. They’ve built a community across 206 countries

We love that Impact Boom are a certified BCorporation, which shows commitment to purpose and the impact they have as an organisation. They’re also seeking like-minded partners to collaborate with and we admire their focus on understanding and truly serving their audience.

Vote Earth Now

Vote Earth Now uses the power of the internet to give political agency to the people, and create a direct line from the public to their MP – giving the most marginalised of Australian’s, and other people around the globe, a voice for the 21st century. That’s powerful stuff!

The environment can’t wait, and we love their dedication to creating meaningful action on the big issues, now. But it’s not just climate action they have in their sights – their social enterprise seeks to support big things that matter like Disability and Inclusion, Cost of Living, First Nations Peoples and Women in Society.


A school for curious learners. We’re intrigued. Novoschool believe in order for the world to positively change, young people need the opportunity to learn who they are, and how they can contribute. The new boutique high school will offer small classes, family friendly hours, and personalised learning plans for every young person.

We love the idea of this new, progressive educational offering in our region and their vision to join world leading schools in innovative learning. A strategic brand can certainly provide the foundation and path for big visions!

The Pyjama Foundation

The Pyjama Foundation provide children in foster care the opportunity to change the direction of their lives with learning, life skills and confidence. Their Love of Learning Program is the only one of its type supporting children in care with evidence-based literacy. We love their mission to create positive relationships for every Australian child in care.

They believe building their brand has the power to support their organisations mission, engage their stakeholders, effectively position them as a leader in their field and drive long-term success – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Dig In

Dig In are here to ensure every disadvantaged person has access to a filling, nutritious and wholesome meal. This goal has led them to not only dish up 71,935 meals since they started, but also to constantly seek innovative solutions to expand their mission.

It’s this curiosity that’s led them to an ingenious idea which we’ll keep under wraps for now, but we love their ingenuity and courage to give something a go! They’ve also rallied and formed partnerships in their community that enable them to deliver on their mission – we know good relationships are maintained by good people and good business.


Catalysr is a startup incubator that supports migrant and refugee entrepreneurs to learn about entrepreneurship and create their own startup or social enterprise in Australia. They have supported over 800 migrapreneurs in the last 7 years and are looking to align their organisation with the 2030 UN SDGs – a great idea!

We love how unique this service is and the deep impact it can have in transforming lives. Catalysr are keen to understand how they are perceived and position themselves for growth into the future, which aligns perfectly with our strengths and what we love to do.

Top Blokes

Top Blokes Foundation is a leading youth mental health charity focusing on supporting young males. They deliver preventative, evidence-based group mentoring programs and have mentored over 15,000 young men to date. They invest in measuring their impact too, completing a 3 year Social Impact Study of the program so they could improve outcomes – that’s devotion to a cause!

They have a very common problem – their brand does not reflect the truly impactful work they do! We love that they’re trying to shift negative societal perceptions of young men, and lift up our young men so that they can be leaders in communities and feel worthy and valued.

Green Connect

Green Connect is a not-for-profit social enterprise that employs young people and former refugees in jobs that help the planet and the community – reducing waste and growing fair food.  They’re an award winning social enterprise that own an 11 acre permaculture farm – a dream!

We love their startup story of a group of motivated people getting together to solve some of their regions biggest challenges: unemployment, waste, and the unsustainable food system. The best ideas are born from genuine passion and collaboration.


Communiteer’s mission is to use technology to connect, engage and mobilise volunteers to tackle complex social issues. They call themselves The Social Good Network – and are reimagining the future of online volunteering in Australia. Their big vision is for a sustainable, inclusive, accountable and collaborative community infrastructure, where every individual citizen has the access, ability and desire to contribute.
We love the depth of thought they’ve put into how they will move towards their purpose and vision, and they’re at a point of maturity where they’re ready to scale, accelerate their impact and solidify their place as a leader in their industry – the ideal time to be rethinking their brand and value proposition!

Good luck to all of our finalists! We’ll be in contact this week to chat with you all. Winner to be announced next week.







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