Brand Insight: Project Highlights

It’s time to stop again and reflect on the things we’ve achieved together! A key focus when gathering brand insight is uncovering shared values. The diversity of the clients and industries we are lucky enough to work with continually surprises us – but we know what we all have in common are our values. Like us, our clients all want to have a positive impact in the world – they want to realise their potential and the potential of the people they serve; whether they’re a not-for-profit, social enterprise, for-profit business or organisation, common values unite us.

Have you thought about the kind of people you attract as a business? Do they have shared values? The more you project your values out into the world through your communications and actions, the more you’ll draw in those who are aligned and keen to support you.

On that note, read below about some of the people we’ve been working with recently.

Brand insight and market research for Smart Energy Council

John Grimes, CEO, and the team from Smart Energy Council (SEC) work tirelessly to advocate for and progress the smart energy industry in Australia.

As an organisation, they continuously strive to improve their impact and experience for their members and the industry. This drive is what led them to reflect on their brand and customer experience. We facilitated a team workshop to gather brand insight that revealed the deeper drivers and values behind SEC, and were able to show them how to inject this energy into their language and framing to bring instant life and power to their brand.

Knowing that sometimes others see us more clearly than we see ourselves, SEC has partnered with us to talk to their members and industry professionals to uncover insights that will help them improve their service and ensure they’re being as effective as possible in their pursuit for a smart energy future.




Hunter Water – Dashboard for Waterworld

After the pilot launch of the new Waterworld App in schools earlier this year, we held workshops with students and teachers to gain insights to improve the user experience.

One of those insights has led to us developing a full Dashboard for the app in partnership with the legends at Hyphen, incorporating logins and functionality for both teachers and the team internally at Hunter Water. The dashboard is a pretty slick interface where the data from all challenges can be seen, with key insights communicated clearly to help teachers ensure their students get the most out of the challenge. It also solves several issues that came up in the feedback around ease of use and functionality. We’re in testing phase now and can see the finish line ahead. Can’t wait until this is out in schools doing its job to help reduce water use across the Hunter!



Australians Investing in Women

A brand new name for a bold future – Australian Women Donor’s Network (AWDN) reached out to us as they began their evolution this year. Established in 2009, AWDN has advocated for greater investment in women and girls for over a decade. This year they recognised the need to redevelop and establish their brand to bring clarity to their audience and strategic alignment with their future. We’ve been helping them behind the scenes to pull together key insights and create alignment to help CEO, Julie Reilly, and the Board, find clarity and build an inspiring new future for their organisation as Australians Investing in Women (AIIW).

Did you know that women work 66% of the worlds working hours, but earn only 10% of the world’s income? What about the fact that only around 12% of philanthropic foundation grants are allocated to women and girls projects in Australia?

Investing in women and girls strengthens both economies and society as a whole, and we’re passionate about helping AIIW strengthen their voice and brand to progress their work. We’re currently working on their new website which will be live in the coming week!




New Website for Leah Jay

We’ve been continuing the work with the team at Leah Jay to build a new website that will better support their business goals and future vision.

From strategy, wireframing and integrations through to concept, design and content development, the new website is now in development phase and will be live very soon. We’ve focused on communicating their values and difference, along with creating a more personalised user experience that will support their clients’ goals. The new website will provide Leah Jay with more visibility, ease of management and ability to build value through content.



Better Together Book

‘Better Together’ is a new book by Joel Ramirez that addresses social wellbeing, mental health, isolation, loneliness, depression and reconnection. We collaborated with Joel to find a solution for the cover that would reflect a deep sense of community and simultaneously convey the effects of isolation.

Our solution was a metaphoric design, made up of simple shapes joined in an intricate network representing connectivity of community, wholeness and our human need for relationship. The use of strong colour elicits a feeling of optimism and clarity to bring the cover to life and help grab attention from other books on the shelf. Light colours represent joy emanating from the darkness of loneliness. The single orange dot left out from the rest of the group symbolises disruption and loneliness.

We’re really happy with the end result and can’t wait to hold the real thing in our hands – the wisdom contained in the pages couldn’t be more valuable in times like these. Keep your eye on our social to find out when and where you can buy a copy.




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