Why Build a Conscious Brand

The business world is being rapidly reshaped

As a society, our value system is changing. We’re becoming a much more conscious society, we are shifting from materialistic influences to others-centred influences, and our expectations of business have changed.

As a result, self-governing businesses are on the rise, which is great news for the world. These businesses are purpose-driven, values-based and operate with a set of core principles and social imperatives. The HOW Report released recently by LRN revealed that these businesses significantly outperform other businesses in market share, customer satisfaction and innovation, employee engagement and business sustainability.


The world needs more purpose-driven businesses and values-led leaders to step up, innovate and drive change.

We live in a time where we have never been more connected, inspired and empowered. But we have enormous issues facing us as a society. Decades of prioritising profit has left us valuing wealth, social status and conformity – the very things that impede change.

A commitment to building a business and brand with a higher purpose will inspire innovation and positive change, give employees a sense of meaning and fulfilment, create value for your customer, and make a positive impact on the world.

“Humanistic companies – or firms of endearment – maximise their value to society as a whole, not just to their shareholders. People who interact with such companies feel safe, secure, and fulfilled in their dealings. They enjoy working with or for the company, buying from it, investing in it, and having it as a neighbour.” – Firms of Endearment, Raj Sisodia, David Wolfe and Jag Sheth


Self-awareness is now vital for businesses and brands

Branding and marketing today is very different to what it’s been in the past. The old approach of a separate and controllable external image is outdated. A company’s purpose and values now replace the external brand image – it’s your values and what your business genuinely stands for that people connect with. Without self-awareness, businesses will struggle to rise to the challenge. The brands of the future are purpose-driven not profit-driven, they take a conscious approach and build trust from the inside-out.


Brands built from the inside-out and purpose up

  • Inspire loyalty that no lip service will create
  • Mobilise people in a way that pursuing profits alone never will
  • Eliminate a lot of the ambiguity that accompanies normal business functions




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