Calling the bluff

I admire the kind of friend who can call it as it is. But even more so, the kind that call out something that no one else can identify, by tapping into the strength of intuition and belief. This gives the phrase, ‘reading between the lines’ a whole new layer of understanding. I’ve learnt that identity is not something that is projected or created but it is something to uncover, to call out and invite to be expressed.

Identity and Image are often lumped together when they are not the same thing. They are definitely connected but have completely different core intentions. Image, when the focal point, is maintaining a façade, a form of bravado and a false sense of self. Being what you feel you need to be to attract a mass audience, recognition and applause. A quick fix. What if instead of simply creating an impressive look and feeling; beliefs, values and ideas were shared as if you were confiding in friends? After all, people flock to the hype but stick around for the people they trust. And you cannot add value to what you do without connecting on a heart level. Understanding who you actually are, calls on your integrity and presence for real connection. There’s nothing like the power of honesty, empathy and how deeply it can resonate.

Becoming someone who can see past ‘the show’ matters when building a conscious brand. Doesn’t every brand begin within a person?

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