Introducing the Conscious Brand Assessment Tool

As avid believers of better business, we’ve invested in researching and developing initiatives that aim to put humanity and values back in business. Our Conscious Brands Assessment Tool is one such innovation.

Our strategy, development and creative teams have been collaborating to develop the Conscious Brand Assessment Tool (CBA) – an online assessment tool to help companies better live their values and fulfil their potential by following the principles of Conscious Branding.

The CBA reviews broad aspects of your company’s activities, covering interactions and experiences with all stakeholders, including employees and customers. This is consistent with our definition of ‘brand’ in its full extent. Today your brand is your company and your company is your brand. Gone are the days of being able to design and control an external image or identity – brands that will endure into the future are those built from the inside-out.

The idea was driven by our commitment to empowering businesses to add real value to people’s lives. We live in a time where we have never been more connected, inspired or empowered. But we have enormous issues facing us as a society. Decades of prioritising profit have left culture valuing wealth, social status and conformity – the very things that impede change and encourage short-term thinking.

Building a Conscious Brand is about engaging and nurturing the intrinsic values in people that will support lasting positive change – for your people, your business and your world. It’s better business on purpose, and it’s the way of the future.

Conscious Brand Index

Conscious Branding

Conscious Branding refers to the process of harnessing your higher purpose as a business, over and above profit, and communicating it in a way that positively engages and serves the needs and desires of people. We’ve broken this down into a commitment to acting in ways which are intentional, aware and awake, in every action and every decision that is made.

Use the Conscious Brands Assessment Tool to review your brand and organisation against the 6 key indicators of a Conscious Brand:

  • Higher Purpose
  • Purpose-Driven Strategy
  • Intrinsically Engaged Employees
  • Empathically Aligned Customers
  • Conscious Communications
  • Agility & Responsiveness

The Conscious Brands Assessment Tool is free for people and organisations to use for a self-guided journey. Having completed the assessment, you will receive a number of relevant recommendations to improve internal processes and mindsets, along with sources of further reading. You’re also able to return to the Conscious Brands website for future re-assessment and feedback.

As our founder, Luke says, ‘We wanted to create something really practical that will apply to any business. If you’re committed to running your business well, to doing something which matters, to changing the status quo, then Conscious Branding and the Conscious Brands Assessment Tool as a first step will accelerate how you can do that. It can help any business. And the more people who take advantage of it, the more businesses will live their purpose and values, which leads to positive change and a better world for us all.’

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