Product (what) – those things you offer that improve lives

Your products and services are the manifestation of your purpose. They bring your purpose and vision to life. Every product you offer, every service you deliver, every customer experience you provide, reflects whether your business is fulfilling its purpose.

Your aim is to build products and services that are so good and so compelling that people simply want to buy, stick with you and spread the word.

In our fast-to-market, fast-money world we are easily diverted from our real purpose, which is ultimately to serve a need and improve lives. The companies that spend more time truly understanding this as they build their products will gain the most attention and attract the people that matter and care.

Great companies are not built on great products, they are built on great people — people who share the purpose and are intrinsically motivated to serve others with great products. (I was tempted actually to put People before Product in this model, but as each element depends on each of the others, I decided to leave it as is.)

Conscious business leaders and owners continuously learn about and utilise the newest and cleverest adaptive business tools and models to build truly compelling products and services. These new business-planning models supersede the out-dated and conventional business plans of old. They put purpose at the core, they are flexible and robust, and they consider every stakeholder in the production and delivery of products, not just the customer.


This is an excerpt from Chapter 6, ‘Product (what) – those things you offer that improve lives’ of Conscious Marketing by Carolyn Tate.

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