Grant Belcher

Marketing and Growth Strategist

Grant is a visionary strategist with an extraordinary ability to build purpose-driven positioning strategies alongside viable business models, connecting short-term results with long-term brand goals.


Grant has worked in varying capacities alongside Mezzanine for more than 14 years and now plays the role in bringing brand strategies to life and delivering growth through agile and intentional marketing activities. He’s an innovative marketer, unbound by “what has been” or traditional approaches to complex marketing problems. His passion is for developing strategies and processes that are specifically built for the unique challenges and opportunities of purpose-driven organisations.

Grant believes brands grow by tapping into the brand purpose to create memory structures which help businesses get noticed, aid recall and build trust with audiences through distinctive brand messages. His expertise covers global branding, rebranding and positioning, connecting purpose and positioning, marketing path optimisation, digital marketing strategy, conceptualising strategic vision and content marketing & marketing automation.

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