Shonavee Simpson-Anderson

Digital & Content Marketing

Shon is driven by a need to understand the 'why' behind data and information. Naturally curious and perpetually researching, she dives deep into data and content to find new insights to help businesses and brands grow.

Shonavee Simpson-Anderson - Mezzanine Team

Shon completed her Bachelor of Arts (Hons. I) in English and Writing at the University of Newcastle while working in SEO and copywriting, both in-house and as a freelancer. Having worked across a variety of industries over many years, she has honed her intuition and skills, learning to build connections between ideas, stories, data and the real world to explore unexpected pathways for clients, find new perspectives and unique solutions.

As a dedicated bibliophile (with over 2,000 books in her personal library), Shon believes in the power of storytelling for growth and connection. She also believes in the power of a good laugh and always makes time for a joke or two in her day.

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