Richard Sneesby

UX Strategy / UI Design

Richard is a participative designer. This means he uses design as a way to improve how organisations can think better collectively. His aim is to inspire change on a cultural level within companies. You can't do this by talking strategy you can only do this by doing strategy and implementing it at a conscious level within the organisation.

Richard Sneesby - Mezzanine Team

Richard is a designer in the true sense of the word. With disciplined attention to detail, he works daily with coding and prototyping, sketching and workshops. He has worked within every major platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Hybrid) and most major technology frameworks and CMS systems. He has (with and without a team) created company specific design systems and branding programs.

Great design doesn’t happen without intelligence and the right insight. Great design doesn’t get finished and adopted without determination. Great products are built on vision and bravery – you have to have a vision and you need to be willing to achieve that vision without compromise. Lastly, you need these things to resonate with the people you work with – whether it’s your product team or your client, you all need to be at one in this philosophy.

Richard has had over 10 years of experience in interaction design, graphic design, motion design, technology and design leadership. Having worked in both in Norway and Australia, he has gained extensive experience in the bank and finance industry.

Richard has worked with most of the large banking corporations in Norway, the public transport industry working, Norwegian national rail (NSB) and Oslo’s transport system (Ruter). Other industries and clients include the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation where he worked for nearly a year, Oil and Gas (China, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and Norway), shipping, Norwegian export, Energy, government sector, automotive, law, fashion, startups and more.

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