Naomi Nash

Leadership + Culture

New River’s primary focus is to grow leadership capacity in people so that they can make an effective, positive difference in their organisations. They provide facilitation that promotes collaborative leadership, positive organisational cultures, sustainable change, resilience & authenticity.

Naomi Nash - Mezzanine Team

Naomi is CEO of New River Leadership and co-author of Rethinking Leadership: Building capacity for positive change. She has worked with social welfare agencies, schools, executives and individuals, and to explore leadership and cultural change. Naomi has a passion for entrepreneurship and mentoring start-ups and has been granted an Honorary Associate position at the University of Sydney Business school for her work in this space.


Rethinking Leadership

“The models of leadership we have inherited are broken. Though deeply embedded in our psyches, heroic, solo models of leadership are destructive: both for leaders who try to live up to them, and for followers seeking cost free change.” – Rethinking Leadership

Rethinking Leadership has been written for people work in the midst of complexity and are seeking to make a positive difference. It is written for teams that are unsatisfied with simplistic solutions and leaving it up to superhero leaders. For organisations committed to growing a working culture that is agile and collaborative.

The transition away from classical notions of leadership isn’t an easy one to make, especially within structures that were designed for maintaining the status quo. Offering leadership that is authentic, sustainable and has a lasting impact requires tackling many challenges. This book is intended to be a companion on the journey, providing a robust theoretical foundation for how we got here, and why we need to change. As well as practical insights that can be implemented by individuals and teams as they make the shift.

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