Jess Aquilina

Senior Creative

Jess is cause-driven to her core. She is a quiet achiever and a gentle spirit, but in her work ‘determined’ and ‘passionate’ are apt to describe her approach.

Jess Aquilina - Mezzanine Team

As a Creative, Jess is motivated by the thought that those on the receiving end of her designs are benefitting in some notable way. If you ask her about her job, she won’t show you her work, but humbly points to the testimonies of individuals whose lives have been changed through her clients.

Jess defines her role at Mezzanine as a mashup of problem solving and imaginative design. Jess is particularly intrigued by design that requires true craftsmanship, like hand-generated print, and loves indulging in Pinterest searches for interior styling.

Jess graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Communications from Newcastle University in 2013, and in the same year joined the Mezzanine team. In 2014, Jess won a design competition, outdoing fellow university students across Australia to have her design selected for the 2014 Graduate Opportunities publication.

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