For over two decades, we’ve been empowering organisations and business to progress, grow, serve and lead – inside and out.

our story

Over twenty years ago we planted the seed for a future we imagined. It was 1999 and Luke and Shane were two creative thinkers with hearts of gold, an aversion to apathy and a will to do good with what they’d been given. Fast forward two decades, countless experiences, many amazing people, and the addition of third owner, Nikki, in 2005, Mezzanine is now a purpose-driven brand leadership consultancy with a commitment to having a positive influence on the world. There’s a magic that comes when you’re loyal to yourself, your values and purpose, and we’ve learned that magic can move mountains.

We believe the world needs to redefine success in business beyond just profit. We’re here to put service, contribution and humanity back into business for the greater good and have spent the last decade building our business around that purpose.

Today we combine a diverse team of strategists, brand builders, marketers, designers, developers, storytellers and producers to empower our clients to pursue purpose in their work, build a leading brand, grow their business and contribute something great to the world.

our people

Our people are a rare breed. They are questioners, thinkers, empaths and innovators – driven by their values and belief in making a positive contribution in the world. We’re a cross-functional and diverse team, working together to deliver meaning, relevance and impact. We’re here to help good businesses thrive.

our collaborators

We believe there is no problem too great for the collective and creative genius of people. Over the years, we’ve met some pretty amazing people who are redefining what it means to do business. These people have become a part of our collective – all like-minded pioneers who offer unique value in their respective fields along our journey to embed humanity and purpose into organisations.

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