values & frames masterclass: Learn how to engage people and motivate change

Want help putting values-framing into practice in your communications? This practical masterclass is designed for you.

In this interactive masterclass Common Cause will:

  • Cover key framing tips for more effective communications
  • Practice reframing communications to engage intrinsic values and be more effective
  • Workshop an example of your own work.


This is a Masterclass for those who already have a grasp of the Common Cause fundamentals. If you haven’t yet attended an introductory workshop you can come along to the one Common Cause is running the day before this Masterclass.

Places at the Masterclass are capped at 16 people to maximise time for reviewing and workshopping everyone’s work.

Who should attend

This workshop is only suitably for people who have already attended an introductory level Common Cause workshop or who are otherwise very familiar with the approach. To check your suitability, please contact the organiser.

What others have said

“Well designed, very practical and with a good number of participants. Common Cause values and frames gives me a totally new lens in approaching my organisation’s comms.” Xavier Mayes, Marketing and Communications Manager, UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures

“The masterclass provided the opportunity to apply the principles of values realignment that was both challenging and very rewarding.” Helen Donald, Communications Coordinator, SA Natural Resources Alinytjara Wilurara (Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources)

“The Common Cause Masterclass gave me a much deeper understanding of how to apply values and frames successfully to our work. We will continue to use this model as the basis of all our work.” Siobhán Costigan, Director, People Like Us


If you would like to attend this workshop and cannot afford the full fee, please contact the organiser to apply for a scholarship.

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