values & frames intro workshop: Learn how to engage people and motivate change

This workshop is for those eager to know what really makes people tick.

Understanding how values influence our decision making and behaviour is key to growing support for your cause and inspiring people to stay with your campaign or issue over the long-term.

In this interactive workshop you’ll learn how to more effectively inspire people to get involved in your cause, campaign or collective action using values and frames.

What you’ll learn

  • What values are and how they work
  • Which values promote pro-social and environmental attitudes and behaviours
  • How to craft more effective messages using values-based frames
  • Practical implications for strategic planning, policy, program design and campaigning.

Who should attend

This workshop is tailored for people working on behaviour change – campaigners, communicators, organisers, social service professionals and leaders of organisations who want to motivate deeper and more durable support for their issues and in so doing create a more just, sustainable and democratic world.

What others have said

“The workshop helped unlock new, more effective ways of approaching campaign work and strategy in an easily-digestible, interactive, friendly setting. Fantastic!” Jazz Twemlow, Head Writer, Woody

“This course was a revelation to me, making concrete and useful the concepts of values and frames. It has given me an invaluable insight into how people think and feel, what drives them, and how we may get our message to them in the best way.” Walter Steensby, Web Manager, Canberra Alliance for Participatory Democracy

“An important workshop for anybody interested in effecting positive change in the world. Well-run and to the point – if your communications don’t appeal to the right values you are not maximising your potential for change and you could be undermining your objectives.” Mario Santos, Victorian Branch President, Amnesty International

“The workshop was a great introduction into the ability for values to positively influence those around us. I found the experience to be thought provoking and a great network opportunity.” Hilary Hughes, Education Officer, Zoos Victoria


If you would like to attend this workshop and can not afford the full fee, please contact the organiser to apply for a scholarship.

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