Earlwood, Hunter Valley
since 2015 – Ongoing

brand strategy and expression
digital and social media marketing
print and OOH marketing collateral

sale centre design and fitout
Events and community engagement
tv commercial and marketing videos

Uniting an estates natural qualities with our shifting values

Johnson Property Group believe a home is like the hub, the foundation for potential in our lives – and they endeavour to help people build that foundation and see them flourish in the communities they create.

Their boutique land estate in the Hunter Valley, with its peaceful location and sweeping blocks, provided an opportunity to address and serve the shifting values of families.


Our team integrates with JPG’s marketing and sales team to develop brand strategy, management and communications for each of their developments.

Our focus is always to align the estates to the needs and desires of people – which requires looking at things like location, natural qualities, possibilities and limitations, to determine what needs the development can fulfil. Societal values are shifting rapidly, which means the things people want from a community and their home are also changing. By understanding the intrinsic values of our ideal resident, we are able to demonstrate and make decisions that support these values in the brand and community we are building. This is a much more powerful way to create connection and serve people meaningfully than simply looking at demographics like someone’s age, location or profession.

For Earlwood, we identified that our ideal resident placed value on things like:

Benevolence – Loyalty, forgiveness, honesty, meaning in life, spirituality

Universalism – Unity with nature, inner harmony, wisdom, broadmindedness

Tradition – A respect for tradition, family values and humbleness, which may increase fear of change.

And just as importantly, they also placed less value on:

Achievement – Success, intelligence, influence, ambition

Power – Wealth, authority, social recognition, image




With an understanding of the values that needed to underpin the estate, we were able to begin to align the brand voice and identity with these values.

When there is an abundance of space, time, simplicity and peace in our lives… we find closeness, connection and love… we find home, and grow together.


We help JPG support residents along their journey, connect with them individually and serve their needs through thoughtful content and communications.

It’s about knowing them well enough to foresee their needs, and then delivering in a relevant and agile way, which is something we’re able to achieve from start to finish through digital platforms, signage, advertising, print collateral and also the buyers experience at the sales office.