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Stepping back and seeing more: Extending the impact of a development through meaningful purpose

Of all the projects we’ve worked on with long term client, Johnson Property Group, Watagan Park would have to be one of our favourites. Working with Braden, Deputy Managing Director, to help him step back and see the full potential of the development beyond an outer identity was truly rewarding.

We were able to uncover a deeper vision for the estate aligned to Braden’s beliefs and values, shaped by his experiences growing up in the area. Years later, we still get excited every time we add value to the outside movement.

There is nothing more compelling and enduring than a meaningful purpose that reaches well beyond a brand identity or functional benefit.


Through collaboration and research, we uncovered the foundational values of the estate and developed a purpose-driven strategy in order to engage our ideal resident in a positive way and serve their needs by aligning every interaction and experience going forward.

Research shows that there has been a dramatic shift in childhood activity from outdoor play to indoor activity in Australia in the space of one generation. Parents are becoming increasingly aware of the lack of outdoor activity their children are exposed to compared to when they were growing up. They have a desire to change this and help their children experience more outdoor play.

Watagan Park believes in outside. It is Nature’s Playground, and we believe in ‘natural play’. The estate, with its big blocks, wide streets, and prime location at the foot of the Watagans, provides residents with more opportunity to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

We see a future where people are reconnected with nature. We believe the benefits of outdoor play are unrivalled by any other activity – it allows kids to use their imagination, helps develop physical and motor skills, and provides an outlet for reducing everyday stress.

‘Live Outside the Box’ encompasses all that Watagan Park stands for – getting outside, being active, living healthy, escaping the rat race, having a backyard big enough to explore, using your imagination, experiencing nature and seeing possibilities. The estate enables all of this by embedding this purpose into the estate and providing more opportunities for natural play and more reasons to get outside.


Developing a brand voice and identity for Watagan Park flowed naturally from the purpose and strategy.

When you’re building something meaningful it bands people together. Ideas are more abundant and valuable as they stem from a common goal. This was certainly the case for our team, who were able to build a distinctive identity, online platform and meaningful content within a couple of weeks.


Every outcome at the estate is now led by the outside ethos, from the forest reserve that occupies one-third of the development and spacious blocks, right through to the community gardens and the weekly family activities posted on the blog.

We manage the Watagan Park brand and tell its story through all expressions – signage and billboards on site, social media, online, advertising, and print collateral, and also collaborate on future plans for the development itself, offering ideas and suggestions that deliver on their purpose.

“Mezzanine has been a key part of Johnson Property Group’s family as our creative consultancy for many years. As our company has grown so have our needs and Mezzanine has continuously delivered.

A creative agency isn’t the best descriptor for Mezzanine, as they deliver so much more than beautiful creative. Their team has developed the clever skill of pulling-out and articulating our many brand stories, aligning them to our core strategy and creatively communicating them across all channels and client touch points.

Our long relationship with Mezzanine has been one of collaboration and collectively working towards our desired outcome, having a lot of fun along the way.”
Braden Johnson, Deputy MD, Johnson Property Group