Innovating financial services and mobilising people around a purpose

Cass Kavanagh, CEO of Rethink (or the Little Big Boss, as they like to call her), had a vision for her company beyond what any rational human could understand – but luckily, we aren’t rational. People like Cass are the pioneers who create the future, and we believe in her vision.

Our role was to dig deep to reveal and clearly articulate the vision, and the purpose behind it, in order to mobilise the team around a common goal and start building a brand that embodied the vision to make it a reality.



Unifying a team of people across disciplines that wouldn’t normally work together is no easy feat – but no worthy cause is ever easy. We started our clarity phase with a Belief Workshop, where we asked Cass and other key leaders to place one foot in the future and one hand on their heart, and tell us what they dreamed of for themselves and the people they served. Deep self-awareness and a vivid vision of a better future are where all good brands start.

After several workshops, mindmaps, coffees, research and reflection, we came to this:

At Rethink, we’re creating a different future for our industry.  We strive to look for growth, not just in wealth, but in people. We believe the most precious asset we can invest in is ourselves. When people thrive from the inside-out, they begin to prosper – not the other way around.

Our purpose as a company is to create a more authentic and engaged society for ourselves and others. We’re here to plant the seed of abundance, and permit everyone we touch, the confidence and capacity to come alive and flourish in their truth.

Not the usual dialogue you hear from a financial group. But then again, there is nothing ‘usual’ about Rethink. They’re not here to fit in, they’re here to change the game – to stand for something, to do better, to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Probably the most important part of the clarity phase is establishing exactly how you are going to fulfil and act on your purpose. To unify the teams, we built a holistic delivery framework, which harnessed their unique capabilities as a group, and then collaborated to align the vision with reality.



With clarity and a purpose-driven strategy in place, we were able to help Rethink to align their voice, identity and initiatives to empower their brand and grow their community.

“As leaders of Rethink we hold such strong values, beliefs and dreams for the business and everyone it touches. To be able to fully translate our vision to our internal Rethink family and the greater world, we needed a way to distil our vision and make it digestible and understandable. The Mezzanine discovery process and experience has provided us with the tools to communicate and share the Rethink vision so all stakeholders can now live and breathe it.”


Jessica Shuwalow,  Business Development & Marketing Manager