Helping a CEO drive change in his industry

David, CEO of Austability, approached us as his company was going through some structural changes – he was looking for a strong voice for the brand and clarity for his team around who they were as a business and what they stood for.

As soon as we met David, we knew he was a moral and passionate man, dismayed by the current solutions offered by his industry and determined to bring the issues to light and offer something more valuable. He just needed his brand to both reflect and amplify this purpose.


To help Austability achieve the clarity they needed, we led David and his team through the Clarity Phase of our Conscious Branding process. A workshop with key personnel allowed us to dig deep and search for their emotional alignment to a range of indicators. During this session, we discovered David and his teams’ profound outlook on what enables someone to steer their own ship and overcome obstacles in life. It was also clear that after years in the military and related industries, they had developed a unique set of principles, abilities and beliefs on which the company was founded.

Our job was to help them uncover exactly why they felt the way they felt, and then articulate it in a way that provided clarity and connection for the team and their customers. This is the distilled version of that belief, which formed the purpose statement for the business:


Every mind equipped with the wisdom and dexterity for independent change, so every voice can be expressed at liberty.

With clarity around their motivation, our next step is to build a strategy that serves as a framework for the team on how to communicate and deliver on this purpose. A message structure was put in place for the team, which took into consideration the unique attributes and characteristics of Austability, and aligned them to each of their stakeholders, respecting both their emotional and functional needs. A purpose delivery model was developed to help guide the company towards aligned products, services and initiatives. A set of criteria helps them to make the best decisions for the future they are trying to create.

A purpose-driven strategy is a useful tool when developing communications and marketing material for a brand’s various audiences. It also helps our team here at Mezzanine, and any other suppliers our clients work with, to establish clear, fast, strategic briefs. Purposeful and agile is our objective for every company we work with.


With the brand strategy in place, the brief for the visual and verbal identity was clear. We were able to create the visual and verbal expression of this brand in a matter of days. We kept the partnership close so that David and his team could follow each step of the decision-making process and feel comfortable that the design was true to them at each stage.

Austability already had some confirmed opportunities to introduce their new brand and approach, so the priority were those communications that would give the Austability team tools to explain their point of difference and to start applying for tenders. A company profile website was one of these and other materials followed to fit Austability’s communication goals and the needs of their different stakeholders.


As Austability continues to grow and expand, we will support them as brand builders, helping to keep the brand alive, creating advocates, not customers, inspiring employees, and backing them all the way to achieve their goals of enabling capacity building and inspiring independent change.