Salvation Army Red Sheild Appeal 2019
Production, Editorial, Colour

TELEVISION: 60, 30, 15 sec spots
RADIO: 30 sec spot


Producers: Shane & Agnes Burrell
Writer/Director: Kirrilee Trist
Cinematographer: Ryan Alexander Lloyd
Production Design: Cheryl Tan
Editor/Colourist: Shane Burrell
Sound Design: Anthony Marsh


Shot Arri Alexa Mini with Cooke S4 primes
Finished in 2k cinema widescreen


The Salvos have just launched another incredible story, marking the 6th campaign that we have produced with the Salvos team. Each campaign focus’ on a real-life story or situation where the Salvos have had an opportunity to bring real change and see a turn-around in a family or individuals life. It’s this authentic storytelling which has allowed the organisation to be able to deeply connect with its audience.

The challenge is to be able to translate these stories into a 15sec package… which feels and looks genuine while standing up to the rigours of a flooded content world.

The significant success we’ve seen through these campaigns has been realised through the close relationship and incredibly sensitive approach we take with their work. By understanding the bigger picture and the needs that these kinds of communications require we’ve been able to support and nurture the technical and creative aspects of the production through to delivery.

This years story is a true story about Gracie and her children who found themselves sleeping in the family car when she lost her job and the landlord cancelled the lease on their home. Faced with a difficult situation Gracie came to the Salvos for some much-needed hope in her life.

Behind the Scenes

A little glimpse into how we brought this years story to life. Huge Thanks to the amazing team and talent involved and most of all to all the hard work of The Salvation Army.





About The Red Shield Appeal

The Red Shield Appeal is The Salvation Army’s signature fundraising drive which helps fund our vast network of social and community services which began in 1965. Vulnerable Australians rely on these programs every day with services ranging from providing shelter for the homeless, assisting families in crisis through practical support and financial counselling, to guiding people with addictions through to a clean, healthy lifestyle.

The money raised through the Red Shield Appeal, across Australia, The Salvation Army provides*:

  • Accommodation for over 2000 people per night
  • Over 36,000 people assisted by homelessness services, by way of case management support
  • Over 100,000 people assisted with hospitality, in-kind and personal assistance in disaster-affected situations by Salvation Army Emergency Services
  • Support to over 14,000 people by Financial Counsellors (Moneycare)
  • Over 27,000 significant contacts made by Chaplains
  • Support to over 3,000 by Aged Care services

*The Salvation Army Australia, Service and Mission Information System, July 2016 – June 2017