Driving growth and innovation through meaningful collaboration

Banlaw have been transforming fuel and hydrocarbon management for clients in the mining, rail, port and fleet industries for over 35 years. For the past seven years we have worked alongside their team to clarify, express and transform their business and brand.

We have a dedicated brand builder and delivery team internally to champion the Banlaw brand and lead initiatives for them, ensuring alignment, agility and thoughtful outcomes.

‘We value being able to share our aims and challenges and then allow Mezzanine to come back to us with new and viable solutions for our business.’
Jeff Anderson, Group Sales and Marketing Manager


Our relationship began when Banlaw were looking to change the perception in the industry that they were simply a supplier of hardware – no easy feat. Banlaw had been around for a long time, and offered skill and expertise in everything fuel related from hardware and software to testing, inspection, data, forecasting, contamination control, consultancy and training.

Our focus was to synthesize all of these unique capabilities and reframe their position in the industry. Differentiation would allow Banlaw to solidify leadership in a new segment, which engages minds, provides focus and builds brand value.

We discovered a new position for Banlaw as the “Pioneers of Unified Fuel Management (UFM),” which developed from their holistic capabilities and determination to improve efficiency, add value and enhance their clients environmental and safety performance in every aspect of fuel and hydrocarbon management.

Unified Fuel Management (UFM) has become synonymous with a new total solution comprising fully integrated fuel management hardware through to end-to-end asset management, consulting and training. The position emphasises their specialisation and technical leadership within the context of fuel management.

The UFM wheel helped Banlaw to change perceptions that they are merely a product supplier. It is now being used to communicate the additional benefits of combining their products and services.



We developed a brand identity and voice for Banlaw which reflects their unique difference and character, and represents their commitment to engineering high-specification products, requiring significant investment but delivering maximum benefits to users in terms of productivity, safety and efficiency.

Banlaw’s market is mature and highly competitive and the mindset of their customers, such as those in mining, continues to evolve. We therefore continuously improve their communications; always strategically aligning the company with their audience.


We work collaboratively with the Banlaw team to align communications to desired outcomes, streamline their processes, and enable their marketing and management teams to be more agile in their approach.

We consult Banlaw’s engineers to identify differentiating product features, and their customer service team to understand key benefits for customers in order for us to create relevant content, photograph products and design collateral for distribution, ready for each new product launch.

The website is the hub of Banlaw’s external communications. We developed and now manage the website content with Banlaw to keep it relevant and up-to-date. The site is connected with marketing automation software to enable Banlaw to track user trends and provide relevant information to individual customers.