Building a resilient platform for change

The team at Fitted for Work believe women are a catalyst for creating a more socially cohesive and prosperous society, which is why they work tirelessly to ensure all women are given the capacity to secure employment.

Fitted for Work’s Marketing Director, the lovely Louisa, contacted us when she recognised their current web platform wasn’t going to support their long-term business goals.

‘Thank you very much for enabling us to bring our website into the 21st century. Feedback has been great from staff, volunteers and supporters alike. Working with each of you was a delight, and we look forward to our next project together.’

Louisa Shillingford-Brown, General Marketing Manager & Communications

Working with women experiencing adversity, Fitted for Work help break through barriers to help women get work, develop their confidence and achieve economic security. They have helped over 22,000 women since 2005 and have got 64% of women who walk through their door into employment within just 4 months.

Feeling limited

Fitted for Work needed a platform that would enable their internal team, clients, partners and the general public find the information and complete required tasks easily and in less time. The platform also needed to empower the future expansion of the organization, so it needed to setup to be easily managed by their own team without a heavy reliance on a third-party where possible.

The current web platform utilised by Fitted for Work was running on an outdated CMS product that had not received significant updates in a number of years. As a result, Fitted for Work staff struggled to maintain the website, view analytical information and were unable to take payments or sell products through the platform.

Empowering change

We took the opportunity to streamline various online business processes and consolidated multiple platforms into a single, easy to manage system. The site contains integrations with Salesforce CRM, Campaign Monitor and third-party payment gateways designed to provide a seamless user experience while improving the secure collection and storing of data that can be analysed for future appeals and donor relationships.

Aligning voice and values

In order to create real change we need to build trust, and trust comes from authenticity. This is why we work with our clients to remove the dissonance between their values and their communications. When what you believe, what you say and what you do are aligned, you naturally build respect.

Fitted for Work deeply value the attributes that grow in a woman when she finds employment: independence, self-respect, pleasure and self-development. We worked to move away from some of the extrinsic visual messaging that had previously been used and instead embrace imagery that captured those positive, intrinsic values.

We re-framed the messaging where necessary to be more positive and intrinsically focused. This creates a sense of empowerment for users as opposed to nurturing fears. Both approaches can be effective in getting people to take action, but only the former is useful for elevating people and society.

Connecting with an audience

We positioned the website to speak to Fitted for Work’s various audiences and their motives, from potential clients looking to seek assistance to companies looking to form corporate partnerships. By creating personas and following a brand characteristics guide, you can ensure congruency and connection through visual, written and technical execution.

  • Positive and confident – above all else. ‘You can do it and we’re right behind you’.
  • Welcoming and non-judgmental: able to see the beauty and potential in all.
  • Empowering, motivating and inspiring: in a real, practical way. Mastery in what you need right now. Empathetic and warm-hearted without sympathy or a sense of betterment.
  • Strong and energetic: ‘This won’t be easy. We’re in it for the long haul. But we’ll all be better for it.’
  • Clear and practical: ‘Let’s do this. Today!’

In a practical sense, this also meant providing Fitted for Work with a new photography guide that they used to produce a new image library that better reflected their values and identity.

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