Building a platform for innovation

In some ways, INNX has been bubbling under the surface for us for over a decade. The co-working hub was born from years of imagining, designing and visiting unlikely locations around the Hunter.

With state and government plans to renew the West end and CBD of Newcastle City well underway, the launch of INNX saw the existing creative industry scale new heights, and it’s quickly becoming a nucleus of creative forces for the Hunter and beyond.


After the empty warehouse was purchased, the first step was to take the time to reflect on our purpose and the future life that would flourish in the space.

We put this vision in writing:

INNX is a catalyst for human potential. We draw out the trailblazers, the innovators, the leaders and the creators. We unite those who stand for something, who dare to think. We question everything. Together we rise above what is known and lose ourselves in the unknown. We curate a diverse cross-pollination of disciplines, skills, ideas and knowledge, delivering the ideal environment for revolution, invention and creation. Together we have the means and the courage to seek the new. Fate rewards the fearless.

This clarity of purpose empowered all of the decisions we were to make over the 18-month build and creation of INNX.



The visual and verbal identity for INNX stems straight from its purpose. It embodies self-direction, uprising and innovation. It speaks directly to those who believe what we believe – in forging their own path, embracing change, and pollinating ideas to create the future.


INNX is continuously evolving and growing through its purpose. Understanding why, how and what we’re delivering to the people we serve has enabled us to come up with aligned and valuable initiatives and build a like-minded community.