Bucking the status quo in a conservative industry

The world has changed. Today the business landscape is constantly evolving – companies need more efficiency, agility and flexibility than ever before. When it comes to law, we discovered clients want no-nonsense, honest and accurate guidance so they’re free to focus on what really matters to them.

The team at Nexus believe there is a better way to practise law, for both clients and lawyers. They’ve done away with the traditional law firm model and have adopted a dispersed approach – the problem was convincing people, and potential partners, of the benefits of this new approach and how it meets their needs.


In order to do this, we knew we needed to uncover their core purpose and then integrate it across all communications in order to bring consistency and commonality to all touch points. Nexus believe in changing the way we practise law in Australia – they are dedicated to transforming the current norms in order to provide better solutions for clients and lawyers alike.

We discovered lawyers want greater autonomy, integration of work and life, as well as freedom from commuting, office politics and billing targets, so they can focus on what they do best.

We created the term ‘Open Law’, a handle to clearly communicate their purpose and point of difference.


Open Law is a collaboration of senior independent lawyers, connected via a unified operating network, which delivers a higher return for both client and lawyer. It delivers transparency, collaboration and innovation, allowing our lawyers to do their best work, which enables our clients to do the same.


Clear, engaging and informative content was used throughout all communications in order for Nexus to secure their place as the leaders of Open Law in Australia – the better way, the ‘smart’ firm, the alternative to the traditional model.

To build effective messaging that communicates who we are, we can start by looking at the business as a person, which is what we did for Nexus.

Nexus is a hard-working person who believes in honesty and straight-talk. He values relationships over ‘things’ and is committed to personal improvement. He approaches every project as unique and looks for the bigger picture so he can find a solution to the problem rather than the symptom. He prefers to serve others not his ego and is committed to doing the right thing and doing it well. He is honest, straightforward and empathetic.


The Nexus transformation started with their website. Visually, it needed to communicate that they are innovators. They’re different.

We wanted the experience for the user to be unexpected, refreshing and engaging. We needed to establish trust through clear communication and strategic creative.