Amplifying a voice: Aligning an entrepreneur with her ideal community

Donna, founder of Hunter Design School, is no shrinking violet. Like most entrepreneurs, she has enough ideas and energy to keep her up till all hours of the morning. But how do you create focus for a brand when there are so many possibilities?

The best brands in the world deliver one emotional benefit that unites people around a common belief. When you’re someone who see’s potential in everything, how do you get clarity and focus for your brand?

The answer lies between who you really are, your values and beliefs, and the people who you can best serve.


To match Donna’s personality, we started with the things that got her wound up – the education system, the status quo, boring ideas, apathy, fear. Understanding why certain things grate on us can lead to meaningful insight into our core purpose and values. We discovered these irritations arose from an inner drive to see people realise their full potential, not just settle for a conventional or mediocre life. Why did she care about that? Because when people live up to their potential they innovate and change the world for the better.

That insight led to this purpose for Hunter Design School:

To cultivate a generation of courageous, curious and conceptive minds, ready to drive the economies of the future to change the world.

Which led to a clear understanding of her ideal community:

We’re here for the creators who are out to make change. Not just those who want to dabble in creativity, but those who want to channel it to shape their future and their world.

Which led to this Credo:



Research into courage, curiosity and conceptual ability led us to a unique delivery framework for the school, which concentrates on the most potent growth drivers of a courageous mindset – curiosity, imagination, eloquence, agility, courage and creativity. Integrating these drivers into the curriculum provides her ideal students with the precise knowledge and skills they need to become who they want to become. When ideas, products and services stem from a common purpose with an intent to serve your community, you begin to build real brand value.


We developed a brand voice and identity for HDS that reflected their core purpose and spoke directly to their ideal community. Potential students can easily see how the school’s approach will shape their growth and empower them to be fearless and live out their full potential.


We work with HDS to build their like-minded community, spread their message and grow their brand. We focus on their ideal customer segments and develop initiatives to engage, inspire and serve in a way that is relevant and also coherent with the core purpose and values of the school.