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If you’re working to gain clarity around your brand, knowing the people you best serve is an important step in the process. To build a meaningful brand, it’s important to look at who your customers are as people through qualitative research into values, aspirations and behaviour, rather than only looking at quantitive data.

This workshop is for those that want to genuinely understand their ideal customer and set up an authentic brand that will connect with them in a meaningful way.

What’s covered?

Uncover and learn about the deeper values and needs of your customers. We use our empathic tools, activities, knowledge and mindset to dive deep and identify their core values, what’s most important to them, uncover their unique personality, and discover what drives them from an innate, human level. We also cover the journey they go on with your company – your people, products and services – to gain insight into behaviours and find opportunities for a more meaningful brand experience.

Who should attend?

Business owners and leaders who are responsible for guiding company purpose, vision, brand and culture, along with customer-facing team members. If you need clarity on your ideal customer, or a deeper understanding of their needs and behaviours in order to build a brand that creates a meaningful connection, this workshop will provide you with the understanding and tools to uncover valuable insights.

What’s involved?

Workshops are intimate and focused solely on your business to ensure proper understanding and a personal approach. All key decision-makers from your business are welcome to attend, and we recommend bringing people who deal with your customers regularly.

Tip: To do this workshop effectively you first need to know yourself really well, and have an understanding of where your business is heading in the future (See our Uncover Workshop).

Want to learn more about brand clarity + authenticity? Download our Steps for Brand Clarity + Authenticity Guide.

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