During the current COVID-19 crisis, our team are working remotely to protect the health of our staff and clients. We want to assure you that we remain 100% operational and are here to help with anything you might need.

There is no doubt we’re all going to face logistical challenges in the weeks and months ahead as circumstances change and evolve.

As challenging as change can often be, it can also be positive and even help us mould into something better than before. With more organisations looking to work and operate online, we can navigate these changes proactively together. There is no need for you to go it alone – here are some proactive ways we can help you navigate the current situation:

  • Developing clear communication strategy to keep your customers informed along the way as your context changes and things evolve.
  • In your communication strategy, ensure you continue to align your communications with your values and purpose.
  • It’s a good time to innovate and think long-term about your brand – we can help you rethink your current services and adapt promptly, and also use this time to reflect on your purpose, values, goals and brand and lay the foundations for growth once the crisis fades.
  • Content planning and development – Instead of losing engagement with your audience, think about putting a content plan in place to share your knowledge and expertise online to continue to build brand trust while you can’t be face-to-face.
  • Implement social media and email campaigns to keep in touch with your audience.
  • If you’ve made operational changes such as opening hours, access, deliveries etc., consider putting up a website notice to let your visitors know. At the same time, keep your social media accounts and Google listing up-to-date to reflect these changes.
  • Consider offering alternative delivery methods e.g. virtual tours, VR experiences, online customer meetings, online help desks, or eCommerce product offers.

These are just a few ideas to help you get the ball rolling and we have more tips to help you start responding now in this short guide. If at any stage you would like a helping hand, just get in touch via [email protected] or complete the contact form below.

Best wishes & stay safe,

The team at Mezz